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  1. My 13 y/o son has been using Dan's cleanser, treatment, and AHA for about 3 months now. His severe cystic acne seems to be a little better since using it. He has large scars on the back of his neck which the AHA seems to be really helping - the thick, scarred skin seems to be getting thinner, smaller. While Dan's regimen seems to be working a little, but not nearly enough, my son, myself, and his derm decided today that since he has been "fighting" the severe acne for about 4 years with all s
  2. So I started posting in the "newbie" section but haven't gotten too many answers to my questions. Thought I'd try here on the accutane log. My son is 12 y/o and has had acne for about 3 years. We've tried just about every med, cleanser, topical cream known to mankind and nothing has helped him. He has acne on his face, neck, back, and chest. I'm on my last straw and don't know what to do anymore to help him. He has been to a derm who has had him on differin and an antibiotic for the past 4