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  1. I tried that too and nothing. It was torture!!! So now I say everything in moderation and I am going to see what I chinese herbalist has to say next. I might as well try that:)
  2. barbiegirl0799

    what I used to look like

    about only in October!!!
  3. good luck. I am at the end of month 3, so if you want to ask me questions or vent feel free.


    1. barbiegirl0799

      pre tane

      yuck:( about 2 months ago
    2. HI I just read your blog. I too suffer from folliculitis, and it sucks!!! I am at the point where I have no more inflammed bumps, but have no answer of what happened to me. The doctors are so aloof agbout it all!! I am on 40 mg of accutane. And now my eyes are red and burn, and I keep getting Styes. ugh!!! But I need to check into that green cream for sure when I am done. So, you never took acctutane on a regular basis?? thanks for your input, Kristen
    3. hey thanks for your comment on my photo... i was wondering what foundation/make-up you use while on acctune with dry skin? good luck with your skin x

      1. good luck, I don't know about the scarring though. Maybe it is just the timing and the condition. My scars suck, but I think it was so severe that it started scarring before the tane. see ya
      2. hi, well I would love to do the same, BUT I thought fish oil was huge amounts of Vit A. I stopped taking it. My derm is not open to any other products it seems. Well I am going to ask and I want to do it too damn it!!! let me know if the derm approved all of this:) barbiegirl
      3. hi, I was using bare minerals and liked it for a while, BUT then I started seeing all the fine lines etc. and it doesn't cover well, as I need coverage now. Sooo I went back to MAC, which is fine and oil free. I use the concealer/ oil free and spf 35, and studio fix liquid(with a brush) and then the mineral powder they make to just dust after. Love it!!!!! Good luck;) And if it doesn't work for you return it. be blessed
      4. Hi all, I am feeling ok and on day 17. I had boils/carbuncles before. And they just keep coming back. So the first week, it was better. But now, some cropped up:( I guess this can happen. They are painful get huge and burst and leave holes in my face, and they leak uggggghhhhh!!!! I was just wondering if anyone else started with more of boils than hard acne like pimples. And is it the same thing as cysts???? I am just feeling a little discouraged today, and need some encouragement! Please let m
      5. hey there~ I was reading your diary. I suppose I should start one. I am on day 11 of the Tane. I feel good, but I have a little cold too, and felt a weird ache in my back. But then I went to the gym and I am fine now. So me, I have some flaky skin now and yah chapped lips. I am using aquaphor(best thing for the lips. I also had a couple passing headaches, but who knows if it is the medicine or not. have some big bumps that hurt, but are already coming out and ready to say "adios" lol so I am
      6. 31, well I am 35 and just start Accutane. it is my only hope too! And this past Dec. I had the worst break out in my life. It was just awful. And I still have big bumps under the skin. I walked around with a scarf wrapped around my head for weeks, until it was warmer:( Anyway, I understand your frustration and I am on day 11. I am good and seeing things change. I am using cetaphil cleanser, but so far the moisturizer is too greasy. I also use Neutrogena sensitive skin products. I am sure this
      7. everyone is different! and many times people ruin their own lives, not their medication. you have to change all your habits, not just pop the Tane and go about your business you know. God bless you all and I hope every person has a beautiful journey in life
      8. Hi, was reading your blogs. I just posted a question, but will ask you both a question. I just started accutane too:) on 3/21/09 yeah!!! I am doing fine, and have hope for a clear future!! what do you use to wash and moisturize?? I don't like cetaphil stuff, it leaves filmy stuff on the skin? what do you think? good luck to you, I will be back and update you. my current regimen is: morn/night cetaphil wash than moisture sleep with humidifier and tons of aquaphor on the lips but so far just a li