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  1. This worked for me but I don't know if it will work for any one else. how about not doing anything all together? As soon as I stopped using all of the crazy products my skin just healed itself, maybe I was lucky but it may be worth a shot
  2. I used to have the same deal, but i threw all the shit away and just stopped treating my skin and it cleared on its own, my only guess is that it was just reacting to what i was doing to it. Or that my body finally grew out of it, whatever it was I am glad it is done.
  3. If you can laugh at yourself and people around you and have a good sense of humor, I suggest Denis Leary's Why We Suck. Not too inspirational but it feels good to laugh
  4. Stress will definitely make it worse. Did you change any thing big lately? Make-up? Diet? Living location? face wash? If you did try and go back to what your were doing before (minus the living location cause you cannot control that too much). Try and relax and if it doesn't go away, try MILD face washes, don't jump right into the deep end. In my experience the more powerful the anti acne whatever the hell you are using the worse my acne got. I have actually stop using anti acne products (minus
  5. Those are the most annoying, cause you sit there staring it down, wondering how you should get rid of the little SOB. I actually found a new zit on the back of my ear lobe two days ago. Now this isn't bad cause it isn't like bam everybody look at this, but I think it is funny, cause its like wtf my ear lobe? I used to have BAD scalp acne, so much that at night I wouldn't fall asleep until I was tired enough to ignore the pain of just lying on the pillow, and then I would wake up and my pillow
  6. I am not addicted to the point of signing on everyday anymore but when I am here I get caught in threads for hours
  7. Plenty of time to sleep when you are old and retired (or hopefully young and retired, just need to find that billion dollar invention), go enjoy yourself and your clear skin! You will never have the same amount of freedom and fun opportunities that you have at college so enjoy them.
  8. Wait you don't have one of these: If you wanted to get really sophisticated you could make a mirror that takes a live feed of your face but airbrushes out the acne, that would be pretty cool.
  9. What engineering are you? I am Aeronautical and Mechanical (if you're chemical or nuclear then you are just sadistic, anything else I cannot really speak for). I agree that the classes are hard, but they are also a lot of fun, because it is always neat to learn about just how sophisticated the world is, try and apply it to your everyday life and it won't seem as stressful but it will be fun (either that or I am extremely nerdy). Plus it is always fun to mess with non-engineering friends when you
  10. First off don't try to live "up" to someone or someone else's expectations, this will just drive you crazy. Sure they may appreciate you more or think of you more positively, but at the same time they may not. They may have lofty goals that no one can aspire to. Even if they did appreciate you more it would not be worth, suppressing how you really feel or who you really are. Why don't you see if your mother would like to spend sometime with just you, go to dinner or a movie or just spend time to
  11. at is worst probably 7. now 3/4 and going lower! as far as scars/redmarks that is probably 5ish, but hopefully that will be lower soon too.
  12. While surfing through these forums, I tend to see a lot of people who are depressed because of what acne has taken away from, them or how it has made them act (Something that I have gone through before), so I decided to see who has eventually had something good come from their acne. Before I had acne I was outgoing but sometimes wouldn't always speak my mind , or wouldn't do things for fear of what people might think of me. Then the acne struck. Like most people I got really depressed and start
  13. did the boys who lost interest lose interest because of looks or because you let acne change who you are and how you act? I know it is hard to deal with acne and how insecure it makes people. I don't know how long you have had acne, but it took me years to finally realize that I was letting acne decide who I was when I should have been the one deciding that. Once I realized that I just did what I felt like doing and didn't care about what people thought or said. (I am not saying that it was easy