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  1. most of my acne has subsided (id say 80% decrease in the last 4 months), but i cant get rid of my red marks. would anyone recommend this product, and can i use it in conjunction with bp 2.5%?
  2. ive been using .25% tretinoin (retin a) cream every morning, and then using 2.5% bp at nights. most of my acne is gone (id say 85%), but my skin looks terrible. My red marks wont go away, my face is red and dry from the bp (i just started using this, so my face isnt adjusted yet), and i have pockmarks and uneven skin on my cheeks. i didnt have this problem 6 months ago, and i am thinking that the tretinoin might be part of the problem. i was reading about the Puredeeming Intense gel, and bega
  3. at the start of the summer my doc prescribed retin a .025%. i had been on it for more than 2 months, seeing not much difference in my skin, when my doc now added clindamycin 1% phosphate gel to my regime. so now, i cleanse using neutrogenas oil free acne wash (salycilic acid) followed by clindamycin in the morning, and then cleanse again at night followed by the retin a. i have only been doing this for 3/4 weeks, and really havent seen much change. should i stick it out a bit more, or maybe
  4. schwanker


    i have an aloe plant in my home, and i tryed for the first time last night to put it on my red marks. it seemed to leave a wierd orangish/brown color where i put it, but it did seem to come off when i washed my face. i dont know if im not applying it correctly or what. what is the most effective way to put it on.
  5. ipod for free the regimen has been workin well for me, and i have gained so much confidence since starting it. thank you very much dan. oh by the way if you guys would really like to make my day, and maybe help make yours, you guys could go to this site and complete one of the offers (just cancel them afterwards) to help get me an ipod, and then one fo your self too. thanks ipod for free
  6. ive noticed drastic clearing using the regimen, and i was wondering how i can get my skin looking flesh colored again. im sick of looking like i have a sunburn. does the redness just gradually fade, or are there any good products used specificlaly for this? ive heard of using vinager, not exactly sure what this does though. thanks for the help
  7. alright, ive definetly gotten my skin a WHOLE lot clearler in the last month using both the regimen, and retin a, but my face is really red in my t-zone, and i definelty notice that my skin is very irritated. whenever i put anything on my face it is extremely uncomfortable. do you guys think i should stop using the regimen or retin a?
  8. i was wondering if anyone has had any successusing retin a? i use tretinoin .025% (retin a) cream every other night, for a couple weeks with the regimen, and want to know what i should be expecting, or if i should stop the retin a
  9. alright im struggling with acne too, and the past few months have been no fun, but dont lose hope in god. some day your skin will be cured, so all you can do is make the best of the situation you are in. God put you here for a reason, so try to look beyond your skin, no matter how hard it can be, and live up to your potential. You can always count on God, and one day things will get better.
  10. ive been doing the regimen for about a month now, while using tretinoin .025% (retin a) every other night, and have some questions. I noticed that most of my small white bumbs went away, but now my skin especially around my chin is very red, and i am noticing more red bumps and abne in areas i previously didnt have it. i dont know if this is just a reaction to the tretinoin and will go away, or not. has anyone else used retin a with similar results? please help. Also this is my first pos