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  1. I think a good alternative to basics soap is Dove's sensitive soap. I switched to that from Clinique's rinse off foaming cleanser, it's great.
  2. Has anyone used it? My friend used this and she has such clear skin. Just wondering if any of you liked it?
  3. Anyone used it on acne? I used BP on my cysts and whiteheads. It took ages for it to go. So I decided to use calamine lotion on them. I slathered it on at night and my cysts and whiteheads seemed to go quicker. I think it's better than BP!! It hasn't totally cleared my skin but my skin is looking a lot more clearer.
  4. There is a skin lightening forum I browsed and there have been some members pretending that they used GLUTA-C and that the results were good when really they didn't because they were sellers. I'm not saying that Pogiboi is a seller - Just thought I'd let you know that >.<
  5. JUst to let you guys now that lemon juice removes the yellow stains!
  6. Turmeric is good for the skin. I used to use Vico turmeric cream, it cleared up my skin pretty good but because it's winter, I can't use it ('cause Vicco is a mattifying cream).
  7. Yes I made it into a paste then applied but washed off after a few seconds 'cause it stinged. I've used baking soda before but I never had a problem with it. =/ My cysts seem to be going down a little and the redness is fading, still a little left. But I'm gonna be visiting the doctor soon. =)
  8. I would not use it. Instead I would opt for something with arbutin or kojic acid in it.
  9. I put on baking soda last night for a few seconds then it stung like mad. I washed it off and half of my face was red. I put on olive oil to soothe my skin. When I woke up my skin was still red. It itches a lil', my skin is so rough and the texture is so awful. Anyone know what will help????
  10. Hiya sweetie. I really know how you feel! Everyone at work has clear skin and just seems like I'm the only one with acne. =/ However I think blotting papers are great for absorbing oil. Have you tried them? xxxx
  11. I'm not really a big fan of jojoba oil so I switched to Extra virgin olive oil. A few drops of that sorts out my flakes.
  12. I used to think mineral oil causes acne. But then I stumbled across this article by the beauty brain (real scientists that answer beauty questions). http://thebeautybrains.com/2006/05/18/does...oil-cause-zits/ "authors of this study suggest is that consumers should look for products that claim to be non-comedogenic not mineral oil free." Hope this helps
  13. My fave part is the egg white with lemon juice. My skin has some sort of clarity after I wash off the stuff. But unfortunately it appears to be a temporary effect. But I will be doing the mask every night!! Here's what I do: Morning Wash with Clinique Rinse off Foaming Cleanser Apply BP. Moisturise with Skin Doctors White. Evening 50% Castor Oil mixed with 50% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Oil Cleansing method), steam my face for 3-4 mins then wash with Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser. Apply