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  1. claud


  2. OMG! I should of known about this sooner. thank you. Please post pictures.
  3. yeah I notice. LOL! I have been doing great. Well, I got married and move out of my parents home and now I'm a wife taking care of my house and home business.

  4. yea sure thing, the icon of me u made is still here too lol! how are you?

  5. hi adam remember me!

  6. Aww Im soo happy for you, don't worry about the accutane, your baby will be fine :), have u thought of names yet?

  7. Everything had been going great...

  8. Hello, everyone! I've used tane since last year so, It had been an year that I stop the treatment. I want to know how long does it take to accutane gets off in your system? Cause' I'm pregnant and I'm paranoid as hell...
  9. hello... it's me claud.. pregnant and happy.

  10. Hi Claud, your progress is amazing and I envy your strenth!

  11. hi claud! hope things are good :)

  12. claud how's it going? hope you had a good new years and holidays =)

  13. claud

    after accutane

    I'm clear now is time for me to heal...
  14. My video blog Click it and check it out!!! ^__^