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  1. make sure you're differentiating between scars and hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation, in my opinion, takes a LONG time to heal completely and disappear. We're talking MONTHS. Best "cure" is to prevent hyperpigmentation (and scars). and the way you do that is by sticking to the regimen. If you're going to stop the regimen, just be prepared to get even MORE scars...
  2. It seems to me that if Dan's regimen has worked for you, then you've probably stopped seeing your derm. If you've tried Dan's Regimen and you're still seeing a dermatologist, then the regimen probably hasn't worked for you (in all likelihood), and you probably wouldn't be raving about it to your dermatologist.
  3. Have you tried Dan's regimen with his products? Works like a charm. I used to use benzaclin (and it cleared me right up) until it started getting too expensive for a cash-strapped college kid. Now that I have a job and can afford to go to the dermatologist and buy all the lotions and potions they prescribe, I still use Dan's products and his regimen and it works great.
  4. At this point, your main concern should be about making sure your skin is "smooth" so that the make-up goes on top easily. And don't get hung up on hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Bridal make-up can easily cover hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, but it's harder to cover up if you have a lot of bumps or cysts. It's easy to get discouraged by discoloration in your skin and you start to think that whatever it is you are doing, it's not working. Whatever you decide to do, don't jud
  5. Sure...can't hurt to try. Also, if you don't normally break out around the corners of your mouth, try not to put the BP there. No reason to if you don't break out in those areas
  6. Also, you could use varying degrees of BP depending on your problem areas. For example, I will sometimes use a thin layer of BP all over my face, then apply a second, thicker layer around my problem areas like around my mouth, chin, and jaw line. That little extra BP on your acne prone areas really does the trick, especially to prevent breakouts caused by hormones
  7. I would sometimes use AHA or Salicylic acid after (or before) BP as a night time moisturizer and have had no problems (been on the regimen for about 6 months). would not recommend this to newbies but ok for someone who's fully adapted to BP
  8. This happens to me too...i think it has something to do with ingredients separating. Make sure you gently shake your bottle before you use it and your BP should be the right consistency.
  9. Hi Guys! Was on the regimen for 5 months, now I've cut back a bit and am still clear Since it's summer, I'm trying to find a good WATERPROOF spf for the beach and pool. Any suggestions? I tried an spf in hawaii with avobenzene and I really think that clogged my pores. thanks all
  10. yes, I only used it once a day on my back (I only shower once a day). It gives you a sort of "squeeky clean" feeling, which I really like. It also helps to prevent ingrown hairs on my legs when shaving. I love papaya soap! Next time I go to the philippines, I am stocking up!
  11. yeah, actually they might have some there if it's a big enough kind of asian market and they sell beauty supplies. good call I will check some of the asian markets here too to see. Thanks
  12. A few years ago (when I was a teenager), my aunt from the philippines recommended papaya soap for acne. It was a bit drying for my face, but since I bought a bulk of it, I used the rest of it on my body so as not to waste it. Evenutally my back acne completely cleared up (I was about 20 years old, and I thought I was simply growing out of my bacne and never thought it may have been the papaya soap that cleared me up). About six months after I ran out of papaya soap, my bacne started to come u
  13. Are you sure they're icepick scars? Maybe you just have large pores.