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  1. Hi all.. thanks for all the ADD ins. I think that water and digestion have a great link. I used to be constipated and my shit is like kinda hard. now its soft and easy. Drinking alot of water will not help your digestion. only with electrolytes and minerals.(found in isotonic drinks). your body will be able to balance the excessive fluid and absorb. and once you found your shit is brown and soft.and you are hydrated. i believe you are on the right track to CLEAR SKIN.
  2. Erm. the problem is that if your liver is able to filter out the toxins totally, the acne will not appear.. thats what happen to me . Water retention i believe is affecting many many pple today and we are usually with acne. we only drink when they feel thristy and thats is when its too late. the imbalance is already there. I encourage everyone to try this out for 1 week and provide their testimontials for everyone and feedback for me. Drinking every now and then. and the isotonic drink.. als
  3. thanks apple =) yea! I urge you all to try this method right now!. The same way of doing something will always give you same results.. now try something different!
  4. yea forgot to the time.. wait about 15 mins after meals before drinking will help. I believe this is the way to getting all cleared. Plz try!.. Anyway feedbacks are much welcomed!
  5. Hi all, My name is frances and i have been suffering from acne for 7 years and my acne varies from very serious till now cleared. I been searching the way to clear for years and have been on this site reading but not posting for at least 1 year. I tried the detoxification and many over counter products. i would say BP work best. But I found this secret recently. drinking lots of water.. flooding the system with water. I believe acne is caused by lack of water and the liver is unable to f