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  1. how many days should i stop putting it on for?
  2. yea i started with that amount, what should i do now?
  3. im using cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer, and im putting like 1.5 cm on BP gel twice a day
  4. kind of, but like when i put on moisturizer it makes my face really red too and makes it sting :S
  5. i've been using bp gel for like 3 weeks and my skin now gets really dry and is really red and ichy should i take a break from dans bp?
  6. how does Jajoba Oil look like (can someone give me a link) and where can i buy it in canada?
  7. where tho i dont know any places, name some please
  8. never tried it, i live in canada and the shipping costs are ridiculous unless i order A LOT so umm im thinking of ordering 20 bottles from drugstore.com for a total, with shipping $217 USD, i figure if i dont like it i can sell rest on ebay or something to try to get my money back but i really need a good moisturizer, so yea this averages to about 13$ a bottle is this a good deal and should i do this, is it worth it?
  9. Where can i get the Eucerin Skin Renewal if i live in canada?
  10. ofcourse btw i was also wondering could it be the cleanser thats making my skin really dry and flaky?
  11. yea i went up to full dosage within first week, definetly wasn't a good idea
  12. should i stop using the bp for a couple of days till things go back to normal?
  13. what causes the flakiness and redness and dryness of the skin, currenting im using neutrogena cleanser bar dans CSR GNC moisturizer that supposibly takes away flakiness but it tends to make my face more red and i get a burning feeling, how much moisturizer should i even be putting on? now i took a break from cleanser and csr and its kind of working not sure tho