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  1. Shut the hell up OP. Accutane highly increased the quality of my life, and even now, I'm still taking a maintenance dose. Long-term side-effects may appear, but I am willing to take that risk. I'm fucking tired of all these people whining how they can't fix up their acne and they've tried everything but accutane, but they're too scared to take it. Guess what, it's the only drug that's gonna help you out, and you're dependent on it. Then again, I am not aware of the long-term side-effects, but
  2. Some of the things you don't like about yourself are fixable. Obviously, you're on the way to achieving this, as you're taking accutane, which you have to KEEP taking. I owe my life to that drug. I noticed how you said that you're an ectomorph, so that's the reason you look skinny (not true). Seriously, this is easily fixed by EATING MORE and weightlifting. You might want to get into that, because it's really a lot of fun to keep progressing on that stuff. Also, you can not think that things l