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    Well I'm currently in school. So most of my time is spent reading assigned chapters, writing 50 page essays, and studying and reviewing notes. I dance for my school, and love to work out. I like staying home and watching movies. My favorite shows are Law and Order, Without A Trace, and Cold Case.
  1. Mary_Mary


    I havent been on in a while! But here an update..my acne as of right now is under control. Occasionally before a test or an event I will get one or two but nothing as bad as how it used to be! Anyways I am currently using Aveeno Foaming Cleaning and it is soap-free and does not clog the pores so that is awesome! So since I have been satisfied with the Aveeno face wash I am going to start using the Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer and see how that works with scarring! Ah I really hope
  2. Got it from the dermatologist today..is it good?
  3. What would be considered the best? I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I want to be prepared. I have controlled my acne but even when I don't poke at my face after the pimple is gone, there is still scars! ah! It is annoying! Any help?
  4. well i know its has SPF but thats a good question let me check and all get back with you as soon as possible.

    1. hey! I'm just wondering if the ambi fade cream was comogenic?

      1. I never used to use a moisturizer because my skin wouldn't get as try because I don't use that much BP however a few months ago I started using a product called Ambi Fade Cream which fades dark spots and has vitamin E and sunscreen (not to mention it helped greatly with flaky skin. I would recommend this product..it is not expensive and can find it anywhere. Wouldn't hurt to try!
      2. I am getting like black dots I guess you can say on my face...is that the BP just drying up my acne under my skin or could it be something else? I've been using BP since late November...about four months now and I have never seen this before! Anyone else experience it?
      3. still not wearing make up however only on special occasions which are rare..ive been using clearasil for a few months now..and i am content with it controlling my acne..however..this blemishes are stubborn..they are fading but not fast enough boo it sucks
      4. well i recently found a product called ambi fade cream by johnson and johnson. The bottle claims to fade dark spots for even, natural, skin tone. The product contains vitamin e, alpha hydroxy acid and suncreen. Well ive been using this product for three days and I am already impressed with the results! : ) And the best part is it is really cheap and very affordable. I always like the fact that it is from johnson and johnson because I use so many of their products! So I would highly recomme
      5. thank you thank you i try..well um actually i was ready for that picture i just didnt want to take it lol

        1. haha great picture!

          1. okay so i havent been on in a while but i have a question why does by acne scarring look better in soft lighting like in a room or house than outside and in fluorescent lighting like classrooms and stuff?? anyone know??
          2. i use bare minerals and its really expensive.. but the powder itself last a long time.. and it the make up actually stays on in the water!! but its not the best make up ever.. ive never heard of EDM but i kinda want to look into it now!! but every since my acne got worse i havent been wearing make up..maybe for a special occasion yes but other than that no.. i have red marks from old scars too but in my opinion BP has helped reduced the redness because the peeling takes off thin layers of ski
          3. well thank you thank you..ill go look around tomorrow!