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  1. can i use tca with active blackheads and wont mederma help with any scar? thanks in advance
  2. what strength tca cross, where can i get it? how safe is it? will it make my skin all red and stuff? im in school now so ill wait till i get a break off and probly do it
  3. it looks like someone pooked me with a toothpick two times on my forehead their right next to eachother, not big but big enough to bring down my self esteem.. does this go away with acv?
  4. i got in a fight and got him right below my eye, now its kinda swelling up is their anything else besides ice that will help with it? not really acne related but its skin related thx in advance
  5. that gets rid of blackheads really fast.. what is it? it snot piore pore strips, those suck $8 to
  6. My friend doesn't wack it and he doesn't have any acne, and another doesn't wack it but he has little acne.