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  1. Well it is best to check with the Derm, but think about it you have already been given an incorrect diagnosis how many times? Honestly, with Dermatology it is pure trial n error. As with the pics. What you were probably looking at were people that have more extreme cases then yours. But every persons skin is different and to tell you the truth every part of your body is different and will heal in different ways. They will be smaller and bigger at different times. As for the texture it soun
  2. I'm not sure I have this, I looked up some pictures and mine doesn't resemble any of them. I just can't take it, I have to see what the Derm's say... but I won't be able to handle the back and forth stuff. I had one that I drained the other night, and it filled back up already. It seems like after the antibiotics that its not as liquid anymore, its more of a solid texture. And nwo its white instead of the yellowish brown. So soemthing happened with that antibiotic.
  3. Thank you for the information. I read on it, and it does sound like what I have. I personally think I need a strong antiobiotic to break down the infection, and I need it for a duration of time. Are there any doctors on here that would want to give their opinion on this? You can email me privately if you don't want others to know who you are.
  4. I'm surprised the dr doesn't want to see you if you are still having the odor or call in more antibiotics (which tells me that the infection isn't all the way cleared up..) Maybe go see a different dr in the meantime before you go to the derm? Hibiclens is a really strong antimicrobial (antibacterial) - on the bottle it mentions that it is used by doctors in surgery prep. Also, it will help irrigate the area and flush out any dead skin, drainage, etc. My mom is a diabetic and when she was hos
  5. I called the doctor and they want me to head over to the dermatoligist. But... I called everyone one of them in this area, and the earliest is April. Give me some advise of how to get rid of the odor please? It is driving me insane... I'm going to go get the Hibiclensm but I'm not sure thats going to help, unless everyone thinks otherwise.
  6. Bacillus is generic name for an entire species of bacteria that is gram positive, aerobic and endospore forming. It includes MANY different types of bacteria. Since they changed the antibiotic, I'm sure they did a culture and sensitivity on the bug to determine what would kill it. Microbiology tests color a bug to determine how it reacts to a gram stain, test its growth in oxygen, and generally use a scientific method approach to determine what the bug is. The first thing they look at usuall
  7. Update: When I went to the doctor they took a culture of the leakage from my chest, and put me on a Sulfa med for 10 days. They called today and said the infection is called "Bacillus", and gave me Cipro. So we'll see what happens now. I've been cleaning my chest twice a day, and using an extringent to clean out the pores. I have also been putting bacatracin on it as well. Does anyone know about this Bacillus??
  8. Well this was just my primary doctor since the dermo doc didn't have an appointment for several weeks. She says it is definetly a staph infection, but shes unsure what kind. She believes it is the Folluticalitis (sorry if spelled wrong). So she gave me an antibiotic and told me to put Neosporin on it until I got in to see the Dermo. But she also took a culture of it, and said she would call me once she knows more. The lady looked at me crazy when I said the odor was really bad, and then w
  9. WOW... I checked out some images of what you mentioned, and mine doesn't look like this. But who knows, everyone is different. I have an appointment tomorrow with my primary doc to see if she can give me something short term until I get in with the derm. Which that is at the end of the month.
  10. I feel so gross, it just smells so nasty. Does anyone have any ideas of how to mask the smell until I can get in to see the derm? I called today and their telling me the earliest is the end of the month.... I so cannot take this that long..
  11. Oh great. the problem is I've had this for years, and now its just getting worse.
  12. I agree it is something rare, I've just about had it. How do I reach Dan or others that can advise?
  13. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, and hope I can get some help. I have always had acne that releases white/yellowish puss with a foul odor. But it seems that it’s getting worst. I have it really bad on my chest, and its becoming unbearable. I NEED HELP. If I squeeze it, there’s either yellow/brownish stuff that comes out, or plain white. I can do it today, and by tomorrow its back. What has really pushed me to no end is the smell. It’s getting seriously unbearable. I even fell