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  1. I have a big huge zit sitting conveniently on the top of my upper lip. It hurts SO BADLY and it won't go away. I get other zits from time to time, but this one picked the worst spot to form. I don't know what to do to stop the throbbing pain AND reduce the swelling. All while just getting it gone. I seriously do not even want to leave my house today because of it PLEASE any suggestions will be much appreciated. thanks.
  2. Hiiii, So I'm not used to getting larger cysts, but I got one about 3 days ago and it WON'T DO ANYTHING. It never came to a head, and now it's lost its stiffness and painfulness (which is good) but just left a large red bump that feels kind of fleshy and soft, but still looks really big and red. I'm wondering how long it will take to go away, or at least shrink in size? I'm not sure a cortisone shot is an option but maybe if I get desperate... any other ideas on making it shrink down without
  3. It's saturday and this cyst i've had for a week now won't go down...it's only getting worse. no dermatologists are open today so i'm wondering, can i go to an urgent care to get this swelled up thing to do down? anyone with a similar experience? i'm getting desperate. thanks.
  4. Sea water is actually one of the only things that helps for acne tremendously. I would skip the sand though. If you're fortunate enough to live near a beach, I would try dipping in the water a few times a week. I live in southern california and try to do it as often as I can because it is the only thing that really helps. However, on the downside, I've tried to replicate the sea water with sea salt mixtures and such and they are not nearly as effective. I guess they may be worth a try thoug
  5. So I've only been on retin-a for maybe 2 weeks and I'm experiencing the anticipated flakey skin. I've read most posts about retin-a saying that this is a normal part of the process, but I'm just wondering how long I can expect the really dry, flakey skin to last. Also, I've heard much skepticism about whether or not it's good to use a moisturizer while on this topical. To be honest, I'm hoping it IS okay because I really do not want to go out in public with all this flaky, irritated skin...ha
  6. So yes, I know that UV rays can do incredibly amounts of damage to your skin. But I've noticed during the summer when I'm at my tannest (I live in southern california), my skin is at it's complete best. I know this is a strange question to ask, but has it been proven that UV rays actually improve the appearance of acne and helps dry out existing acne? Anyone else know what I'm talking about?? Just be honest about it--yes I know tanning is bad for ya--but I'd like to know--does it really help
  7. I apologize for this rant I'm about to begin....but I feel like these past 4 years I have only been damaging my skin more. It's messing with my head. I've never been so sad about acne before.... Soo...I was recently looking at pictures of myself from about 3 or 4 years ago (I'm 20 now) and i began to wonder why is it that I had such great skin in high school, and now that I'm in college it's significantly worse...? Would it be wise to go back to those same regimens I had in high school when m
  8. I've been on mino for 3 months now and i haven't seen ANY improvement. my acne has actually become WORSE. I'm beginning to get cystic acne on my cheeks which is something i have never had before starting this treatment. i'm developing large cysts on both cheeks that never come to head, but hurt and are very inflamed and take weeks to go away. has anyone else ever had this happen to them? my self-esteem is just dropping and dropping--it's very embarrassing. i dont see the derma for another t
  9. So yes, I'm just curious, if anyone here has been on minocyclin, how long did it take for it to start really showing some effect? I just finished my first month and i keep breaking out should i just wait it out a little longer, or look for another solution?
  10. Just a real quick question: does micocyclin generally cause an initial breakout ? Has anyone had this incident? I'm hoping this is just what is going on, so I can hope for better results a little later down the road. PLEASE reply! I'm getting discouraged Thanks.
  11. So I'm starting a 100mg dose of Minocyclin starting tonight before i go to sleep. It says I'm not supposed to take it with food, but I'm terrified it's going to make me sick because I've heard some horror stories of that happening. I have a terribly sensitive stomach too. So is it really that bad to take with something like a saltine cracker, or just dry toast?? Anyone know why the make you take it right before bed anyways? On the topics of stomach issues with this antibiotic, I've heard
  12. So I've had what they'd call severe to moderate acne so my derm put me on benzaclin, differin 0.3% and a clindamycin phosphate about 9 months ago. I did get a short IB but after about 2 weeks my skin was already looking so much better. And it lasted for a long time up until NOW! About 2 weeks ago I had the worst breakout I have had in a long time. I figured it was hormonal, and that it would go away after some time. But up until this point the breakouts keep coming! Breakout after breakout.
  13. Thank you so much for your response! Just a couple questions.... Is Spironolactone a pill you take orally? Has it worked well for you?
  14. Okay, I'm sorry if this post is TMI, but I'm just really curious about this.... So i've been using BenzaClin, Differin 0.3% and Clindamycin phospate for a while now and they have worked MIRACLES. I NEVER broke out except for the days approaching my menstrual cycle and even then I would get 1 or 2 small zits. NOW all of a sudden I'm experiencing these never ending breakouts near my jawline, chin, and even some smaller one's on my cheeks. After much wondering why this is happening all of a sud