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  1. Me either. I didn't find it drying either, but then I allways washed the H&S off rather than letting it sit on the skin after showering. I am seing really great and quick results with the regimen. See my signature for details. Cool, thanks!
  2. Nope, I'm not. I've never really tried to clear up my back before. I just let it be, but now it's really bothering me.
  3. Well I have acne on my back, chest and sometimes I get a few spots on my shoulders. Once in a while it'll clear up, but then I randomly break out again. Lately it seems like it has gotten worse. I really want to get rid of it, especially sense in about a year I'll be the Maid of Honor for my best friend's wedding and she'll be making me wear some low cut dress. So I've read that Head and Shoulders shampoo works. But does it really work for everyone? And what about Dan's products for body acne,