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  1. i think i went pretty crazy while i was on the stuff. all i could think about were things i did and why i did them. accutane probably made me more introverted than i already was and it feels like i may have gotten stupider.. haha. but aside from that, nothing. acne was gone, never came back, and the only thing left are some scars (and possible mental disorders...)
  2. why do scars look great in some lights and mirrors and absolutely horrible in others? makes me wonder, are our scars really insignificant or not?
  3. so i had 4 rounds of fraxel, they helped but i still have scars that i deeply wish to get rid of. so i was wondering, is there anything more i can do? maybe another round of fraxel or something? what i'm really afraid of is that i have BDD, and even if they're all gone (which they may even be now) i still see them in my head :/ i'll put up a picture later today. first post