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  1. I've been using green cream for about 4 months now (slowly increasing to level 9). It has been my personal savior. My forehead is completely clear, all that is left now is some spotting on my cheeks. The red marks are fading slowly and the only place I get any real acne is along my hair line if I'm not careful to get the cream close enough. I still get a cyst once in a while around my chin, but that's hormones so I'm not expecting any magic there. The only side effects I have noticed is the skin
  2. I get really nervous around men. If I talk with them for more than ten seconds I start to blush like crazy. This looks really funny because I'm super pale. Also, my tummy grumbles ALL THE TIME. LOUDLY. People in my morning classes are like, "Somebody get that girl a muffin!" It's pretty embarrassing during exams.
  3. Not that it isn't awesome and everything, but the only thing that has changed in my regimen are these stupid orange tablets I'm taking. Its called Q10 smart something or other. My mom bought them because they are supposed to improve memory. I had a test coming up so...why not? But now I don't get it. The only thing in this is vitamin E (like 1000% of the daily value) so I'm wondering if that's why. Has anyone else used vitamin E in really high doses like this?
  4. Sugar is crack. I've got withdrawal symptoms like crazy! Increased body temperature, irritability, cravings, fidgety-ness... argggghhh! I decided to eliminate it from my diet because of all the research I've read about its inflammatory properties, but this is proving to be more difficult than I thought. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what helps?
  5. Yes it happens to me too. I think its because the immune system is too busy to bother sending white blood cells into the infected pores and start the inflammatory process (which is the redness, swelling, and pus). When you've got the flu, your body's got bigger fish to fry.
  6. So, I was in class yesterday (nursing school) and we were going through assessment of the neurological system. In one of the tests you stand behind the patient and whisper words to test his hearing. So naturally we started "loud whispering" random words to each other, laughing the whole time. The teacher starts off "baseball, doughnuts...," then looks at me, points at my face, and screeches: "ACNE! PIMPLE!" THe whole class turns around to look and bursts out into hysterics. I just sat there and
  7. Who have I become? The person I see every night in my bathroom mirror, smudged mascara running out the corners of my eyes and the muscles around my mouth twitching because I've been fake smiling too much today, is not who I dreamed of being when I was a kid. I'm a pushover, the kind of super-duper-nice girl that nobody could mock without feeling like they've just earned themselves a place in the lowest level of hell--and that's the idea. If I please everybody, laugh at everyone's unfunny jok
  8. There are a few possibilities: 1. There is a particular vitamin or mineral that your body is lacking right now (are you on a restrictive diet?) and is making you crave food in hopes that you provide your body with the correct nutrients. Do you take a multivitamin? 2. Through repeated overeating, you have stretched your stomach. (It is made of muscles after all) Now you feel like you need to eat more to achieve that "fullness" sensation. Remember this japanese rule of thumb: eat until you are 8
  9. Hm...where to start with this... Why do people find it so hard to believe that there is a connection between your skin and what you eat? Saying acne isn't affected by what you eat is like saying your health isn't affected by your diet. Any health professional would laugh at that. Partially why some of these diets work is because the participants are simply eating better! Is it odd that almost all of the "cure" diets on this forum involve eating more veggies and less sugar? Your skin is an org
  10. I've been in almost all of those stages--except for the last one unfortunately... The suicidal feelings are not just about the "dots." Acne is just the last straw that breaks the camel's back, so to speak. Everything wrong with myself gets compounded. Its like every flaw in my personality, in my abilities, and in my appearance is personified by these marks on my face. They BECOME the part of me I want to get rid of, but never seems to go away, and even when they do, they leave scars. The idea
  11. Really? So the tv shows like ER are true? But seriously, I had no idea it was like that. Hospitals look so squeaky clean on the outside... A big thank you to everyone who posted! I guess I was over-worrying about this, but you guys made me feel much better!
  12. I just bought this moisterizer from walgreens that's decreased my breakouts by about 30%. It's also helped my overall skin tone and made my face pretty smooth. It's by eucerin and it's called anti-wrinkle Q10 (<--???) moisterizer for sensitive skin, I think. I got the one without the spf to use at night. I read some good reviews about it on another site and figured all I could lose was about nine bucks. So if anybody is looking for new moisterizer, this one is nice.
  13. I just got accepted into a nursing program which is a dream come true for me, but now I wonder if my acne will affect my career. Would you as a patient mind being touched and cared for by a person who looks...diseased??? Would that bother people? They might think: "What the? This girl is in charge of keeping me healthy when she can't even manage to take care of herself!" Some people with clear skin have told me they thought acne was something that could be passed from person to person like a vi
  14. Yes! I know exactly what you mean. I have those on my chin and my brothers and sisters have them as well. I've tried using Mandelic acid on them (the garden of wisdom brand) but it just made them stick out more, and extreme exfoliation only helps for a day at most before they come back at full strength. Question: why would the sebum harden and dry into these things when our faces are so oily???