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  1. Ack where do i start. ok i am almost a month in on 60mg accutane my face was pretty much clear after 3 weeks my blackheads on my nose have all been squeezed out. this has worked very fast. i did get initial breakout in weeks 1 and 2. i still have 5 months and i'm fully expecting to breakout some more when my doc ups my dose tomorrow.. BUT! Starting monday soar throat.. ok.. i was with a friend all weekend who was getting sick so i def. caught it. tuesday boyfriend started getting sick, i was
  2. Wow so how long have you had the vein thing? Please let us know when it finally goes away but you've only been off like a week so it may take a bit. Does it get worse as time goes on while on accutane?
  3. I just remember before starting accutane reading on here some girls experience and she said her veins were popping out and she looked like the incredible hulk. i was SO afraid last night that, that was going to happen to me. they werent popping just dark looking. i was like f.. did my blood turn black or something??? but they dont look bad today. im going to tell doc about it next visit on 2/6. blueberries aren't in season but when they are i eat like a pint a day. i should get some frozen ones
  4. Ok i just last night before bed washing my face looking in mirror, I noticed my veins in my chest face etc. are showing, is it that the blood is darker blue or my skin all over is thinner? i usually have thick skin u cant see veins through. i have to go to spin class right now so i'm going to wait for responses to take my pills... why is this happening and if it happened to you are you off accutane and has it gone away!? it is saturday morning and derm isnt open til monday. i dont want to pani
  5. i definately feel better today. Before bed I put some persa-gel 10 on the huge ones and this morning, I had to pop a bunch of them. not that these were pop-able but it definately it helped. i know yr not supposed to pop but THEY HURT SO MUCH its just so much pressure my f'n face was SWOLLEN i couldnt open my mouth i looked like i got punched and my lip is still looking a bit deformed just not as swollen. I think the IB has to be why some people kill themselves. i was SO SO sad yesterday and i ha
  6. My acne is mild. i get cysts along my jaw line that last for 6 months if not shot by the doc. i do get non cysts that last a while too all over chin side cheeks up to temple thats about it. today is day 11. i am on 60mg to start. i've been breaking out very little everyday over the last week but today i really exploded i have 2 pimples on my lip line. never got pimples there before. i can feel one on the side of my nostril coming out. never ever got one there. i have at least 10 new pimples. the
  7. im on day 11 and experiencing the erm.. lack of drive...and i guess thats what that itching is. oh god i thought i was just all dried out. that could be it right? this sucks........
  8. thankyou! you solved 3 problems, i uploaded pix, changed my password and switched to spider. my face still hurts! thankyou again though.
  9. brokentail


    day before start.
  10. im tired and i just want to be able to upload my gross new pictures to the gallery and maybe its the accutane but i really can not find where the f to upload pictures on this site. i also can't find where to change my password. this has got to be the most user unfriendly site i've ever used. thats all.
  11. This is day 6 for me. im on 60 a day to start. This morning while washing my face i noticed my left lymph node is swollen. today at work of course i google swollen lymph nodes etc. then i add accutane to the search. i come up with web md's list of side effects listing swollen lymph nodes as a severe one. i also searched these boards to see what other people felt and everyone chalks it up to getting a cold or fighting an infection. I'm not sick. look at their list and how they rate it, they also
  12. i havent scrubbed my face i wont at all. im just using cetaphil to wash which is so weird for me because im used to always using something that burns and "feels like its working" or a scrub so cetaphil is like putting thick water on my face. it doesnt feel like it does anything. In the morning i take the sotret with my thyroid pill and 5htp and fish oil, i also take phentermine a few times a week and ortho lo but i take that at 12:30am. my dr. said he was giving me less than what i should have
  13. Hi, i am new, just started accutane (sotret) yesterday. Some things im unsure of which may seem silly but i just want to do this right. can i use scrubs ? ( on my body not face) i have keratosis pilaris on my upper arms and upper legs and i feel its better after i scrub it all with salt scrub then use Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair cream. will i scar or something terrible? will i scar? i have a couple keyloids and i tend to scar easily, curious to hear from anyone who also is a scar-er, anyt
  14. I just started today my doc said to take 2 at the same time. i chose breakfast. peanutbutter on a waffle. im on 60mg to start.