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  1. This has been happening To me for years mostly the result of light peels or exfoliation. A derm first dismissed it over a decade ago. You would think I would have learned my lesson...I always go back to these light peels because at first they make my skin look great. It's when I do too many close together that I have an issue. My skin texture definitely gets worse, pores open and I get spontaneous scars. The good news is they seem to spontaneously go away and well but exfoliation can make th
  2. I am posting this in every thread I see with someone complaining about cortisone dents. Injecting saline into them 3-4 days apart resolves it over a few weeks to a month. Ask your doctor. Also google it, there is an article with the technique. It works, after doing it on me per my request, my physician uses it as a treatment for anyone with the issue.
  3. For the person with the cortisone issue, saline injections solve it!
  4. I used this stuff and even though my skin got worse and worse the woman I bought it from convinced me to keep going. I saw her for ultrasound facials. I think it was too much. It tore up my skin, scars I didn't even know were there appeared. It took a long time for it to recover. Your skin may be better suited as mine is really sensitive I've found. Just beware! This stuff is no joke.
  5. I have had atrophy from Kenalog injections. One was horrible and in the middle of my face and kept getting deeper. Have your physician do saline injections into the atrophy. If you google it online there is a study that describes the technique. It 100 percent works!! My physican now uses this as treatment after I brought it to him and it successfully resolved the atrophy completely in about a month.
  6. I always wondered why when I had worse acne (from looking at old pictures it covered my whole face) years and years ago it cleared with no scars and since I have suffered from period bouts with it and in the past few years get about 2-4 big pimples a year and wham I have all these scars. The connection that I made was I wan't a smoker when I was first afflicted. My first acne scar came with my first acne bout (which was about 1 pimple / 2 weeks) after starting to smoke. Since then my susept
  7. I had my third treatment yesterday after work. The setting were the same except for she did one pass at 13 this time - upon my request. I actually have a few welts today, I guess they are more like hives maybe. I tend to get hives if I have any trauma to my skin. They don't look that bad though. The only things I'm upset about today is after one pass on my forehead (at 9) she asked if I even have a problem with my forehead - and I said no. She didn't do any more passes on it, I didn't com
  8. If that's the same person, he got a nose job too!
  9. Epicuren alpha lipoic acid with DMAE - When ever I have had it and used it after picking or even on a healing cyst I have had no resulting scar. Unfortnuately I was out of it when I experience a pretty bad breakout.
  10. Hi, I just wanted to touch base since I haven't updated in a while. I am getting my third treatment this upcoming Thursday - which will be 5 weeks from my last. I only waited 5 weeks because they were closed last Thus. and that's the only day they do evening appts. Anyways, As far as my scars go - they are definetely still there but my skin has coninued to look smoother. Like I said before it's like a good skin day that doesn't end. Also, someone asked why I am so scared to read the ma
  11. I could only read the manual for a second - but I did not see anything on the number of passes. I will try to specifically look for it next time if I have the time before someone comes in. I'll also ask the operator her take on it. update - it's only been 4 days since my second treatment. My looked like crap the first two days as I think it was a little irritaed and swollen. The next two days (including today) my skin feels really soft and it does look smoother. The best way to explain it
  12. I tought the v-beam - smoothbeam combination worked because the smoothbeam helped fill in scars and the v-beam erased their redness. From some of the posts it sounds like peoplke have been told the combo can make scars fill in better? I think the next time I get my smoothbeam treatment I think will get the v-beam done as well, I'm just worried about the bruising. My SB operator said it does cause bruising alot but that usually mena syou'll get better results. Also, I only want spot treatment
  13. I just got back from my second treatment and all I can say is WOW - what a difference the SB operator makes! I had a different lady this time and I asked her to be more agressive and whether we could go to at least a setting of 12. She said since I started on 8 last time (I did 3 passes - 1 at 8, 1 at 9 and 1 at 10) she only wanted to jump up the starting level to 9 but she would try to go to 12. Anyway, she did 1 pass at 9 with ALOT more zaps than the first lady all over my face and then a s
  14. High stregnth glycolic acid made my pores become enlarged.....tazorac got them close to normal again.
  15. I have had 70% glycolic peels at the derms office. I thought they were making my scars look worse (but that could have been the interium of just uncovering them). Anyway, I had a horrible result which was probably my own fault for not waiting a month as reccommended and having 1 within 2 weeks of another. Anyway about 3 days after that my pores almost before my eyes became huge. This lasted for a long time and tazorac finally helped remendy it. The effect that remains is that I have blackhe