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  1. Yeah its not the towel i bought a new one and washed it every time i used it this week Whats yeast and how do i have it on my head? I thought it was for armpits/private parts? I dont use any styling products i just wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner I dont really eat sugar/candy...i do drink coffee though Since its a yeast infection can i use Monistat Yeast Infection cream for the vagina? it says to put it on before going to bed so i dont have to wash it off? i spent a ton of money on new
  2. I tried to not shampoo but it just got more oily and smelly when you didnt shampoo did your hair get less oily/greasy? im scared dead skin might build up if i dont shampoo causing dandruff It has been about a month or more without shampoo for me. My hair is less greasy, it is soft and natural now. I wouldn`t know about dandruff though because I never bothered to look whether I have any. A bit of dandruff can`t hurt you, you can wash filth away with water. And yeah, what the other guy said, use
  3. I tried to not shampoo but it just got more oily and smelly when you didnt shampoo did your hair get less oily/greasy? im scared dead skin might build up if i dont shampoo causing dandruff
  4. I never had this problem till this year but my scalp/hair has been getting greasier fasting making me smell musky/yucky during the afternoon. I shower at night but when i showered in the morning i still have the same problem. I tried Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Herbal Essence and i change my pillow case/bed sheets once a week and i wash my hair for a long time scrubbing and massaging but it wont go away! im 15 sorry i dont know which section to put this in!
  5. Asians are warm because we have yellow undertones, and cacasians are usually neutral(pink/yellow undertone) EDIT: oops my bad sorry
  6. Worked for meee since kindergarten 'Hey wanna be friends' and than we start talking
  7. Everyone has hair on their face, more or less noticable, the only place where hair doesnt grow is your palms and soles of feet *i think* *Future beautican,make up artist or dermatolst*
  8. YES!! For touchups and stuff is a must!! But ppls might think your conceited so i only check up when no ones looking <.< >.>
  9. Cleanser 0.o?? http://www.neutrogena.com/econsumer/ntg/te...&subCatId=3 i have combination skin and im not oily anymore
  10. Go without founfation, it might melt off or fade so its better to wear none and avoid getting yucky faced, and when u do get tanned you can use the darker foundation next year so yeah it wont go to a complete waste :]
  11. I know all time low is so awshum :]

    I use l'oreal trumatch, it blends REALLY good ^^

  12. I didnt like it it just made my mark look more noticalbe and had bad coverage and the color i got which is the one i get for all foundations made me look orange =[ Get maybelline pure makeup its made out of 50% water and has light coverage and prevents your skin from getting oily
  13. Bangs are cute Greasy hair = NO!!! Greasy face = YES!!! If u have greasy hair u r basically rubbing your face with your greasy hair (bangs) If u have greasy face u can get the oil removing pads or whatever they're called and wholah no more oil
  14. Awww im sorry =[ even if makeup is waterproof SOME of it is going to smear like mascara soooo idk if they make waterproof foundation,try not to get your face wet!!!!!!!! =[ :=[
  15. Why did u have products on your face at the dentist? Dont you wipe that off when u go somewhere? sorry im not trying to be rude..... plus i guess that was a mistake u didnt need to be all upset like that
  16. I use Lancome HYPNOSE black, its really good and doesnt smear
  17. Meee too! I <3 music Physicaly active - Cassie Sad - Taylor Swift Angry - Avril Lavigne Happy - Boys Like Girls Hyper - All Time Low I know i have a weird bunch...my faves thoo
  18. Do your makeup in bed. Get a mirror and put all your makeup in the room under your bed so no one can see. When your he's asleep creep off into the bathroom and then wash makeup off and than go to sleep facing opposte diretion so he cant see u, then wake up before he does and put on your makeup or wait till he leaves P.S Im smartical righhht =D
  19. HI DEATH =D !!!!!! i almost drowned, got beaten up, been in car crashes, and im still here weeeeeeeee u'll never get me death mwuahhhhh!! P.S The beaten up part was a lie (shhhhh) 0_0
  20. Its not like your going to see them again so why impress them? u were pretty brave i mean i wont ever go anywhere witout makeup, i feel nakeds kindas =[