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  1. Mine is good.. just that the blemishes left are still there. Very few pimples since I stated this.
  2. Jxr

    Ah I'm doing good yo!

    1. Hello guys! How are you all doing?
    2. Ah really? Okay I will do hey. thanks for stopping by ;) much appreciated what you said too.

      shame that there Are lost souls out there. all they really need is a friend and someone to tell them it will all be alright. you can lean on me.

      I love that song. it is very uplifting!

      Have a great day man

      = )

      1. wapak

        am good! how bout you dude? :)

        1. am good! how are you doing?

          1. You should share your motto too man. :)) It might inspire one or two lost soul out there.. ;) Have a great day dude!

            1. Hey there, Love your Update/ Statement!

              "Too much Love 2 Hate" good motto man.

              Have a really super awesome 'rest of the' weekend Bud.

              checkya around the forums.

              = )

              1. hai how are you?

                1. Jxr

                  Yo sup!