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  1. need help anu ba pwd gamot sa an-an may mga puti kasi ako sa gilid ng muka ko hnd ko alam kung ano un pero mukang an-an siya anu kaya pwd ko ilagay dun para mawala? pls i need help
  2. i need help i got white spots on my face. how can i cure this spots in my face what cream should i put on it? what do you think is the cause of this white patches on my face? i need help badly..
  3. does protein taken in large amounts produces acne? because im planning to eat a lot of protein because i want to build muscles. the protein that i will eat is egg whites. 7 egg whites everyday together with 2 glasses of non fat milk a day.
  4. maybe its because your skin is sensitive with the chemicals on your styling product i also have sensitive skin thats why i dont put any styling ;products on my hair
  5. im always having problem on my nose. it is full of blackheads and white heads and has big pores. and sometimes i also get a zit on this stupid nose and its really embarasing coz its like rudolph the red nose raindeer when i have a zit there. and my nose is also oily.. any advice on how can i sole my problem?
  6. i stop drinking acv because i had i diareah.. and i noticed that i had a bad breakout on my fuckin nose and minor breakouts on my face... this is not happening to me when im consistently drinking acv. in fact i have a clear skin before i stopped drinking acv. what do you think is the cause of my breakout??
  7. Well, it depends on what your diet is like. Apparently, everyone's urine tastes different; so I only know the taste of my own. :shifty: Anyway, it's normally a little salty and kind of has this...nutty flavor? Kind of like bread. It's not so much the flavor that bothers me, but the texture. It's hard to explain, but because it's perfectly pH balanced, it is extremely smooth, smoother than water. It's so difficult to explain. I guess one only knows once they've tasted piss. :) yuck :w
  8. does talc also worsen acne? because im only using powder on my face to control the oil and shine.
  9. Use celeteque facial cleanser with NMF(natural moisturizing factor) for me its the best soap that fits into my very sensitive and oily skin try to google it and youll never regret
  10. haha yehey! what liquor did you drink? life is too short, sin a little
  11. is drinkng green tea good for the skin? coz im drinking acv and it really does good things to my skin. and now im planning on also drinking a cup of green tea once a day.
  12. is witch hazel effective in removing red marks?