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  1. I can't honestly say if accuntane made me sensitive to scarring or what, but I do know one thing -- I was starting to get large cystic acne that would've left scarring even if I hadn't been on it. How do I know? Because I was scarring before I even took accutane. I also know some people who have never taken the drug and their skin has a lot of scarring as well. I've also heard stories in which people have taken the drug and their acne scars disappeared. So who knows. I guess it all comes down
  2. Hi Matt! I agree with the others, definitely set an appointment with a dermatologist. There are different types of acne -- and then you have a whole other ballpark. You could be dealing with a MSRA (staph boil infection) type of condition, or even hidradenitis suppurativa. I would definitely get diagnosed before I started dealing with the scars. You want to make sure you're treating the breakouts before the scarring - as it will do no good to treat the scarring while you are still breaking out.
  3. I haven't been to this board for some time but I'm still on my own personal journey trying to eradicate my scars. It's been an uphill battle --- some acne scars have reduced tremendously and others are still the same. I've also gained some new indentions. Nice, eh? Anyhow, I'm thinking about going to this Laser Institute place in Salt Lake City, UT for treatment. They offer the fraxel:repair laser and the results on his webpage are fairly decent --- some even look fantastic. Here is the link
  4. Hello Heidi! You're right. It can definitely be extremely frustrating and tiring to try many different methods and measures when trying to correct scars. I've been working on mine for years now, and the results are minimal at best. I am glad to hear that you've found a Dr. who's talented and skilled. And I am wishing you the best of luck with your silicone treatments. Please keep us updated on your progress. - MissP
  5. Hello Rothstar! It sounds like you might have keloid scarring (raised scars). There are treatments available. Some people get Cortisone injections to make the lump decrease and go down. Others have tried silicone sheets, lasers, Cryotherapy (freezing them off), Surgery (cutting the keloid off), etc. I'd definitely make an appointment with your dermatologist and see what procedure(s) he/she recommends. Good luck to you - MissP
  6. Thanks for posting this, Crzyakta! I, too, have been wondering how CitizenPanda has been doing and how his progress is going. I remember his pictures and he definitely had some excellent results with needling, Retin-A, etc.
  7. Hello Frank! If you have hyperpigmentation (surface colored spots: red, pink, brown) the spots will definitely fade with time. Although, deeper pigmentation spots can take months to years to fully heal. Thank goodness that there are treatments that can help speed up the healing process (skin peels, lasers, bleaching agents, etc.) If you have atrophic scarring (depressions/craters/pitting in the skin), time does not usually heal the wounds -- as we have suffered a loss of collagen. Most people
  8. Hello Nickel. It sounds like you have a hyperpigmented spot. You might want to look into Hydroquinone (bleaching agent) as it will lighten your skin. There's also an array of chemical peels that work for hyperpigmentation, although it can become costly. Some good ones are: Alpha Hydroxy Acids, BetaHydroxy Acids and TCA peels (8-10%). You also might be interested in microdermabrasion treatments. Usually they come in a series of 6-7 treatments. They definitely helped to even out my skin tone,
  9. Hi Brad! I personally haven't had the Fraxel Repair, but I've had other laser treatments performed. I would definitely ask your Plastic Surgeon/Dermatologist if they would prescribe you some antibiotics -- as acne can cause further scarring on your freshly new healing skin. I also wouldn't go over the daily recommended dose on your Vitamin C. I, too, have broken out when taking certain vitamins. Perhaps you should take two 500 mg of Vitamin C throughout the day (one in the morning, one at nig
  10. Hi Heyo! Yes, a filler would work, but one can't guarantee the time frame on how long they last. I've heard some people having success for six months to a year, and others for only two weeks. Although, it would also depend on the type of filler you're using--some people are extremely cautious when using permanent fillers, as some are left with marble sized bumps on their face. So I don't know if the trade-off would be worth it.
  11. Hello Prisery! You might want to email the website where you purchased your TCA peel from and ask them what type of applicator to use (and if one comes with the product). I've used fan brushes and q-tips for my peels. But I've heard others using cotton pads. Although, there should be directions that come with your peel and it will tell you what type of applicator to use. Good luck with your peel! I wish you wonderful results. - MissP
  12. Thanks, Penny, for sharing this information. As a self-needler, it's appreciated greatly!
  13. Hello PTLFAN! It looks like you have some boxcar and ice pick scarring. Your boxcar scarring looks moderate and some of your ice pick ones look deep. I have a a few myself and they're some of the most difficult to treat. For boxcar scarring, I would recommend needling, subsicion w/ fillers, and maybe certain lasers--the new co2 laser looks promising (I'm looking into that myself). As far as the ice pick scars, I would suggest doing TCA cross. I've done a few of my own and some have had tremend
  14. Hello Dasher. It sounds like you might have a keloid (raised scar) and some hyperpigmentation. If the bump is still there, you might want to have an injection at the site, or a steroid shot to heal the bump. You can also try silicone sheets. As for the hyperpigmentation (redness), you might consider hydroquinone, Retin-A, kojic acid, azelaic acid, or even a laser--which can be pretty costly. Wishing you the best - MissP
  15. Hi Arcade! I think you're seeking the new co2 Fractional (fraxel) laser. It's definitely ablative and you don't need a series of treatments like the old Fraxel. Here is a Dr. in your area who performs the Fraxel re:pair treatment: Drs. Isaacson and Berzin LLC Dale Isaacson, MD and Marilyn Berzin, MD 1828 L Street NW Suite 850 Washington, District of Columbia 20036 Here is his website: http://www.dcdermdocs.com/ Btw: he performs both the re:pair and the re:store. If you're seeking the deep