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  1. Regimen? I just use the Cetaphil wash every other day and the moisturizer at least twice daily since I have been flaking. I have always eaten like crap and will continue to do so since nothing worked for me and I have never seen any proof. I quit taking Vitamins E & C as I am not sure what gave me the stomach probs yet.. so no vitamins, no extra water ( I don't drink enough regularly anyway), no special foods. I have one absolute do not at this point and that is to not consume ANY alcohol wh
  2. Hey man be careful what you wash your face with. Nothing acidic or you could burn your face like I did. I am not sure what wash you are using but the Cetaphil should be enough, if not just water.
  3. Days 17 & 18 Everything is on course. The flaking is finally subsiding around the mouth. Nothing like shedding in front of everyone while you eat. I'll have the snake please... Today after work I noticed my hands are extremely pale compared to the rest of my arms. I went through at least fifty pairs of latex gloves today and I am wondering if the combo with Tane stripped my beautifully tanned hands. Hopefully I won't be mistaken for Jacko. Kinda cool looking though... Thankfully the band i
  4. Day 16 Everything is looking better from yesterday. There appears to be a new reg on the left in Miracle-Grow mode and my hands are dry to sight now. My dogs are fighting so I'd better git.
  5. Hey Alex I had to laugh when I read this thread for the simple fact that I have almost gone to this type of 'regimen' without even thinking about it. It all makes sense to me with the exception that I do believe that there is a missing element to this. I could not say what it would be but hopefully you or someone else will be kind enough to share the info when discovered. There has to ba a lot said for it for the simple fact that while in the military you used water and nothing else and the ma
  6. Day 15 Quite amazing how quickly your 'friends' subside during the dark hours. I am thinking of leaving some money under my pillow for the pimpin' fairy. As noted the regs have reduced by at least 75% overnight. Had to relieve the nastiness from the three on my poor nose this morning. Now they don't hurt and they too have reduced in size by 50%. Now if I could figure a way to rid myself of this flaking problem I would be happy. I still cannot eat a meal without having major skin all over my fa
  7. Days 13 & 14 Each day is the same. Symptoms remain the same. I know the Tane is stabbing me in the back. Could feel it working off an on at work like little daggers. My eyes go insanely dry every once in awhile a work also. Still waiting out the rejuvenation period from the initial burn which is embarassing to say the least. I do have an unrelated problem, or so I am hoping, that is very unpleasant. If you have seen Dumb and Dumber when he has to go you know what I mean. This has happened
  8. Day 12 Everything is about the same. I think that the flakiness from the initial burn might go away in a couple of days. It seems as if the small whiteys and the lumps heal noticeably quicker whereas the regular garden variety aren't as quick to go. Kind of like when your in-laws are over and want to get down all night long when you have to work the next morning... just take the trailer back to the park. I have been trying to use BP on a couple to test and it seems to kill them quicker but I a
  9. Day 11 Symptoms...check Redness...check Semi-crappy 'tude...check No new pimpin today. Still hanging out with about 12 of 'em. Can't get any of them to go home. Still ticked 'bout the mistake of Day 2. I believe all of the zone pimps wouldn't be there. The Jawline Island is receding in record time now. I believe the Nosy Eye has reached its peak as a red spot appeared in the center. Haven't left the house since the afternoon of Day 7. I have forgotten what a tremendous blow it is to have t
  10. Hey Sunkist That's funny 'bout the beard cause I was just wishing that I was a girl so I could cover it with make-up. Maybe we could switch this one out. I just started myself so I will be watching for ya
  11. Day 10 Could not sleep even if I performed with a harem. Decided to call into work as I am still uneasy about how to deal with the flaking as well as my attitude towards the islands I am creating. I have new whiteheads right next to the old ones in the zone and the old whitey on my nose is now extremely red and painful. The eye/nose quake is getting larger also. Makes my face feel tense. All the classic dryness is there in full force with the small back muscle issue. I am now empathetic to tho
  12. Well, I am a newbie so a little about myself. I am a thirty year old that has had persistent mild to moderate acne since the beginnings in 5th grade. It never really started to bother me until sometime in high school and that is when it decided take nearly every holiday, vacation, parties etc... to rear its ugly head and say hello. Now mind you I don't have severe acne, but I have had the nodule type appearing here and there for the last few years. Nothing bad but embarassing nonetheless. I have