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  1. Honestly, not sure what to do. So frustrating that nobody has any answers. The whole "there is something else wrong with your body" could be true, it could not be true also. Honestly, I think it's all the chemically modified food. And then you ask, well hey "so and so eats all the fast food they want, and NEVER has break outs". This is true. However, I can eat all the shellfish all I want and never have an allergic reaction. However, if a person with an allergic reaction eats shellfish, they
  2. Well, subjectively I'd say this is a no brainier as far as increased rate of suicide by acne suffers. The stop treatment makes sense since acne often comes back once you discontinue using a drug. Also the drug itself might not be the actual cause of the suicide. I could easily see someone saying "this sh*t ain't working* and throw in the towel. Or see that it comes back and throw in the towel. I'd like to see the actual data where the acne suffer says "this drug successfully worked for me" and
  3. Hm, I like the way you think. I bet MOST everyone feels the same. That is sort of how I feel. I know it's not logical, but can't help thinking like that. Same here.
  4. Sex with myself. Sleep. Smoke. Coffee. Watch TV. Browse the internet. Excercise. Talk to myself/sing in the car. Post on this message board. Read. Talking to family/friends/people who don't judge me that much. Video games.
  5. Institutionalized. These walls are funny.. First you hate them.. Then you get used to them... Enough time passes you get so you depend on them..
  6. Well, since another mod removed one of your comments in this thread and your warn level was increased, I would say that the answer to that is yes. And I'm obviously not the only one who thinks so. A lot of people probably thought that, but the answer is still no.
  7. Not that much for me. Btw, you masturbate? Ew. JK. Anyway, I have this theory that there is a "delay" in break outs. And I think sweating and stuff like that might bring what is clogged up onto the surface.
  8. That's pretty awful ya. The only time I got commented on my acne in public I think was when I was getting a haircut. This was a time where I was really secure about myself and I was like acne? What I don't have acne? Cause acne wasn't really on my mind then. And she didn't say anything after that. If someone commented on my acne now though at work specifically, I'd probably would just give them a dirty look or something. Anyway, back to you. You really quit?
  9. Nah, I don't buy it. There is no "right or wrong" way to act. Being sad about acne isn't going to cause you to break out more. Depression is a coping mechanism to cope with stress. It's like saying to throw your coping mechanism out the window. I've tried to act happy when I was miserable, it makes me feel awful and phony and it's draining. Btw do you have before and after picks? I'd like to see them.
  10. Who said it's going to kill you? Answer: No one. I said it's incurable, which is true. If there was I'd be cured.
  11. I'm just calmly lying in my bed with my laptop actually. Just because you say something doesn't make it true. Acne is a skin disease. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acne_vulgaris I'm not attacking you either, I'm just pointing out how wrong you are about things.
  12. It's comforting. Acne is really common, maybe we're making a bigger deal out of it than we should be. Girls are so lucky, they get to hide behind makeup all day.