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  1. OK so I haven't been on the boards for ages, cos Accutane got me clear! Which is great. But now 6 months on from finishing the course, suddenly my skin became oily again (around nose and inner cheeks). Not as bad oiliness as before Accutane - yet - but not the nice oil-free skin I had got used to! I hope this doesn't herald a return of acne too. I have Retin A gel, so I'm trying to combat oil and scars with that, using it at night only. I think it is helping a little, but it's disappoi
  2. To the OP: I hope you get some sort of proper help from your derm. I do believe that antibiotics are not the answer, they are obviously not helping. In your place, I would bite the bullet and go onto Accutane. My acne was very persistent (decades) on/off but in the last few years I started getting cystic breakouts - fortunately only in localised areas, but still awful, painful & unsightly. I recently completed a 7 month course of accutane on a medium dose and SO far only had a couple of m
  3. Hi In Europe, 0.5 - 1mg per KG bodyweight is the accepted dosage...my derm at the hospital was against me having a high dose, as I didn't handle SEs very well, so I completed a 7.5 month course on 30mg a day. The 1mg per KG dose would have been 50mg of accutane a day, but SEs at 40 were pretty bad, so I dropped to 30mg. If my acne comes back (praying it doesn't!) I would do another course of Accutane. Personally, I took anti-biotics for 10 years straight in my 20s and when I stopped t
  4. I'm planning on starting topical Retin A once my skin has had a month to recover from Accutane. This is my first round on Accutane and I really want to maintain my clear skin. I used topical tretinoin in my 20s with quite a lot of success and I'm hoping it will also help with lingering red marks and skin texture a bit.
  5. I can't really vote on this yet, as only been off Accutane for about a week. I think my lips are gradually getting less dry and cracked, but not back to normal yet.
  6. Yes, I was on Citalopram and Accutane at the same time, with no problems related to taking the two drugs together.
  7. Well, I have finally finished my Accutane course (7 and half months on 30mg a day). My skin is clear, yay! Except for some faint lingering red marks and also about 4 small blocked pores/small flesh coloured bumps around my chin, which have been hanging around for months. Does anyone have any advice on the above? I have my final appt. at the hospital in a couple of weeks, I am thinking of going onto topical Isotretinoin to make sure my skin stays clear, would it also help the small b
  8. Sorry to drag up this thread, but I've got some 'long-stay' bumps too! These are new thing for me - I'm on the very last leg of Accutane (just 2 more weeks to go!) and I first got one a few months ago on side of chin, I thought it was a blackhead at first, but it's more flesh coloured and just sits there (it's small)...then I got a cluster of 3 on my upper chin...also not doing anything (also very small and non-inflamed). It's a bit frustrating as my skin is 100% clear on accutane, except fo
  9. Hi You don't have a lot of acne, but in picture 2 there look like a few indented scars on your cheek (seems like the ones on your cheeks get very inflamed and this causes the scars). So if your acne is scarring, think it'd be a good idea to see a derm.
  10. WRT to the depression and accutane, I must admit that the first time I saw an NHS derm back in the early 1990s, he refused point blank to give me Accutane (due to my long history of depression, which was in tandem with my long history of acne!). But they knew less about the drug back then and the links between accutane and depression are not conclusive. This time when I finally went back to a derm on the NHS, he suggested accutane right off, when he got to asking about my mental health, he was
  11. Hi Your acne 'story' sounds very similar to mine...acne (on and off in my case, I had clear spells) from 14 - late 30s. I am nearly finished a 7 month course of Accutane and I am clear! Went through all the rigmarole with antibiotics and Dianette etc. in my 20s, developed cystic acne in my 30s and eventually got accutane, aged 38. Oh, I also did the whole laser thing, spending £100s with a private doctor and it did nothing apart from empty my bank account I too suffer from depression (I am
  12. Im sure the diet and exercise stuff would be great, but just wondered if you'd thought about Spiro to reduce testosterone? Not been on it myself, but some women on here have had really good success with it.
  13. Hi Sorry that you're going through this. One thing I would take is Probiotic supplements. I'm not saying that it will miraculously clear your acne, but it seems that the antibiotics have caused you problems (they kill off all the benefical bacteria in your gut) and this can really mess with skin and everything. Taking a good probiotic will at least help to start redress that balance. As for topicals, well the most gentlest things to put on your face would be the best. Maybe just a very mild
  14. Hi I'm a makeup girl, but have never used primer, just go straight to liquid foundation after moisturising. Does primer really make that much of a difference to how your skin/make up looks? I don't know if I should try one. Which would be the best for minimising larger pores (available in UK please!). I've heard lots about the Makeup Forever brand, but it's not widely available in UK & seems pretty expensive here too. I've just invested in a new Chanel foundation (Pro Lumiere - it's abo
  15. I had bloods done after month 2 on accutane. That seems weird.