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  1. Yeah, I consider acne a really serious condition and a symptom of systemic inflammation in the body. So basically, its something to really be concerned about because it means your internal health isn't the best. Coffee is definitely a no no for acne sufferers. 1) its acidic 2) its inflammatory 3) it will raise your cortisol levels 4) we often put milk and sugar in it which is a no no. As for smoking, yes indeed, I'd try to stop as many have said it can make pores bigger (on top of a bunch of oth
  2. Wait- are you using TTO AND BP at the same time? PS I read that TTO takes longer to work than benzoyl but it has the same effects in the long run. I would use it twice a day and make sure you are moisturizing with a non-comedogenic moisturizer to rebalance PH of skin
  3. So great to hear what youre doing is working. Acne might have been a blessing in disguise for you because you changed up all your bad habits because of it, and now you have a pretty low maintenance (very) face routine, awesome!
  4. I mean, try using a high antioxidant moisturizer (grapeseed oil) to protect your skin naturally. Also take vitamins such as A, E and zinc (essential for healing). Bump up your intake of omega 3 fatty acids and water. Other than this there is not much you can do because BP DOES increase the scarring of the skin. It's a very harsh chemical. It sucks because its so bad for you, but, it DOES work and cleared me completley
  5. First place to go to clear up acne: diet! Changing your diet is almost always a cure over time for many people, because mostly everything that can cause acne (hormones, stress, intolerances, acidity) can be affected through diet. What is your lifestyle like? And do not feel ugly! You are so young, enjoy life, don't stress so much about your skin (easier said than done, but life is so much MORE than acne!)
  6. Proactive probably wrecked the natural PH balance of your skin as well as the natural barrier. Your skin probably become dependent on the chemicals. This, I believe, was the start of my acne as well. However, at age 20, there could be many other causes (hormone imbalance, gut dysbiosis from years of bad eating, newfound food intolerances etc). I am now using a combo of benzoyl peroxide (only on trouble areas on my face...and only a tiny bit), grapeseed oil moisturizer (linoleic acid helps restor
  7. I think its best to clean your face at night, because during the day is usually when you expose yourself to pollutants, makeup, dirt, etc. But make sure you are washing with the right products (PH balanced), that you are being gentle, and that you are not over-washing.
  8. The best birth control is no birth control. To change/balance your hormones, don't pump your body full of synthetic lab created chemicals that completely STOP your body's rhythm of producing its own hormones. In the long run, it will probably give you gut dysbiosis and screw up your hormones more (when you get off them) worse than you ever imagined. Cut wheat, dairy, sugar and anything else unhealthy out of your diet. Take cod liver oil. Eat a very nutritious, organic and balanced diet. Take
  9. In addition, anytime you quit BP your skin WILL go haywire for a bit until it re-adjusts. BP is a very harsh chemical and your skin can become dependent on it. This takes time
  10. You mention a lot of great things and recommendations in your thread, so for that, thanks! However, the dietary guidelines you give for all animal product is seriously flawed and based on outdated research/literature. Humans are not actually meant to be omnivores at all- just take a brief look at our ancestry and you will see this. Additionally, the digestive track of humans is between the length of omnivores and carnivores, so we are "genetically" created to eat both meat and veggies/fruit.
  11. Sry skin- whether plagued by acne or not- is not the healthiest. Moisturize with an organic source. They say "if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin." Try grapeseed oil- it will keep the skin plump and hydrated in the winter months, and it will help the linoleic acid deficiency problem that alternatavista was talking about
  12. Have you tried talking to a professional (therapist) about this? They are safe to talk with, because while they aren't directly involved in your life (which is good because they will not give you biased opinions), and their job is to use their techniques to help you get through emotional upset. It sounds like you're pretty anxious about this to the point of it possibly ruining the quality of life for you. I HIGHLY recommend seeing someone who is trained to teach you ways of coping and will help
  13. Don't think in terms of calories...think in terms of nutritional composition. What everyone else said is true. Neither are healthy for you- crackers and anything made of wheat or grains is horrible for your health
  14. Once again, thanks and great info. You should post on the board more, you seem to know quite a bit.
  15. You're welcome, of course. That is what this site is here for, to help eachother!
  16. Yes, definitely reduce as much irritation to your skin as possible, done mostly by the chemicals. Try to wean yourself off of them, but go slowly! And make sure you're also working on the root of the problem, the cause of your acne (whether it be balancing hormones, helping digestion, eliminating allergies, cleaning up your diet, etc.) That way even if your topical is not full strength, your acne won't come back with a vengeance like mine did (I was on BP for like three years, I weaned myself o
  17. Eek. Often times we think we are doing great things for our skin but we are really just overworking it. The skin is our body's largest organ, but on the outside. Check out the ingredients on the face-wash and the moisturizer. Would you put that stuff all over your liver? Probably not. That's why I firmly believe that the more simple route is the way to go. Like I said, BP is not gentle, but sometimes, it is necessary for us to clear our skin. So I would definitely keep that in your regimen, but
  18. YES! It is very possible to get too much of one bacteria, and I meant to message you back (remember, I sent you a message about having the same problem with the probiotic). Someone on this site made a really great post about something called 'gut dysbiosis' which I had never heard of before. Basically, it means that sometimes, even the good bacterias in our gut can overcolonize, and the ratio can be thrown off, creating even more problems. In fact, certain foods feed these bacteria, and accordin
  19. Bosnic, I agree. I am on a similar diet to you and eventually, when you treat your body the way it is supposed to be treated and what makes it thrive biologically, your body will stabilize itself and this means hormones.
  20. What you say is very true!! Though, everybody, keep in mind- fats are actually great for us!! And I'm talking of course, about olive and coconut oils, avocados, the fat from grass fed animals and wild caught salmon, ghee, grass fed butter, etc. These things are essentially and only ever become a problem when consumed with the enemy: refined carbohydrates, which are high in sugar and GMO grain. This evil grain is actually what is contributing to the cardiovascular disease epidemic, not, as we tra
  21. Eek. "Dairy" has no essential vitamins or minerals that we need, that we can't get from other sources. There is NO reason to be drinking cow milk. Humans are the only animals that drink milk past the stage of weaning. Humans are also the only animals that regularly consume the milk of another animal. Think about it, you regularly consume bovine milk intended for young, growing cows. This could really take its toll on your immune system, hormones, and your digestive system. Just simply cut dairy
  22. Yes, it definitely can. BP is a harsh chemical. There is a reason why there are recommended doses. 10% is not really needed, if you read the explanation on this site by Dan, you will see that 2.5% benzoyl peroxide can be just as effective and it is much more gentle. When you strip the natural protective layer off of your already sensitive skin by applying 10% BP multiple times a day, yes, you will disturb the PH level, moisture balance, ceramides, etc. Not good. What else are you doing for your