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  1. Deja- I think you're finally doing all the right things for you!!! I'd like to know what probiotic you're taking now
  2. They benefit anyone. But if you're still filling your body with high carbs and sugar, this feeding your bad bacteria- probiotics can make your gut worse. It's complicated to explain
  3. F93d gave you the best advice you could get. Often, we think we are doing something good for our skin but we are really hurting ourselves. In my honest opinion- numerous things that you are doing wrong. Please don't buy snack cakes or whatever made with processed high carb rice- a bunch of preservatives and poison sugar. Acne is a tough thing to fix nutritionally but if you aim to do so, you need to be strict.
  4. Lilacink- if meat breaks you out- you should find out why- because it is relatively easy to digest and is not considered an "intolerant" food. Figuring out what's causing the meat breakouts may help you get to the root of your acne in general. It sounds like you are digestive enzyme deficient- because meat requires pancreatic enzymes and stomach acid to properly digest. Have you considered taking apple cider vinegar with meals, supplementing with digestive enzymes or HCL? Do you have gastrointes
  5. Meat, if its local and grass fed, is NOT bad but VERY HEALTHY. Everything else on your list I agree with: bad. Glad you're seeing results!
  6. Can I ask though- why are you a vegan Salad, salsa, and canned goods is a horrible diet...really. I'm not trying to criticize- but if you limited your diet like that for health reasons alone- you must have read some very misinformed literature. You need healthy fats, amino acids including b vitamins only found in animal protein, zinc, omega 3, etc. If you are doing it for moral reasons...can I ask you to ditch the canned food, start eating atleast fish- stop looking for sugar- eat more veggir
  7. This is a hard question to answer. Unless you cured the root cause of your acne (internally), than if you stop the external treatment, the acne will almost most certainly come back.
  8. Are you and I the same person? Seriously. I too ate horribly until the age of 16- ironically though, that's WHEN I started getting acne and began to clear up my diet. I too have elevated levels of bilirubin which the doctors "conveniently" dismissed as Gilbert's Syndrome (genetic). Pretty much any food gets to me. I have GI issues and most depressingly (acne). I have had a basic allergy test for peanuts, gluten, dairy and eggs which rang up negative. Weird things like certain fruits, tomatoes
  9. Haha, the weird thing is, sweet potatoe may make my skin worse due to high glycemic index and starchiness. It isn't the best for my self declared case of sibo and leaky gut. But, in healthy individuals the sweet potato is great and tastes great!! I think it cleared you due to high levels of vitamin a
  10. Hi there! Yes- so I've started to take hcl. Have you noticed any changed in your digestion when taking it? Also, why do you feel you had to wean yourself off? Is there a dependence that occurs because if so I'm not aware but I'd love to know! Also, how did you know you had yeast issues and how did you fix them? Nice tips, thanks! So, when you mentioned eggs, did you mean they they irritated or helped you? Also, when you say fasting, what exactly do you mean? For the past 2 days, I drink liquid
  11. Chromium picolinate, apple cider vinegar and cinnamon. But: the best protocol is cut all sugar out. Don't look for excuses
  12. You have leaky gut and SIBO! You've got to change the way you eat. Antibiotics will make the condition worse in the long run. You've got to go through an entire detox diet phase, and a round of antibiotics. Then completely re-vamp your whole diet (no grains, sugar, dairy, low carb, lots of proteins and healthy fats, fruits and veggies). Lastly, add in a high quality probiotic to fix the damage from your antibiotic. Good to hear you found your cure and good luck
  13. Getting older should not affect your digestion if you are a healthy individual. I would highly recommend looking into SIBO (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and leaky gut syndrome. If food isn't sitting right in your stomach after a certain time, you could benefit from natural treatments for these things, which often clears up acne as well.
  14. I totally agree. A lot more threads coming up here about paleo PLUS not drinking with food. For many reasons but mostly proper digestion and synthesis of nutrients. Thanks for posting it gives me faith to try to wait annoint before and after meals to drink. And of course, you're right. We are NOT created to drink with meals
  15. Are you a veg for moral or health reasons? Diet is everything and controls every balance in your body. I know you say youre a vegetarian, but i recommend wild fish, some organic poultry, some grass fed local beef, eliminating all carbs except for an occasional sweet potato, and having a few nuts seed and limited fruits. Eat avacodo- eliminate soy. eat more cinnamon and turmeric. cut out beans. Cut out all caffeine, sugar and allll grains and dairy. Consume lots of healthy fats and proteins at ev
  16. Your diet is beautiful and basically- through mimicking the diet you are genetically created to thrive on, you have balanced out your intestinal bacteria levels, stomach acid and hormones. I would love to talk more with you about the how and why if this through messenger
  17. DaftFrost- I think you might have responded to the wrong article? I would never advocate milk and the post has nothing to do with body building :/
  18. Yes- I'm only planning on supplementing with Hcl for a bit- until I can adequately figure out how to increase my own stomach acid production. Good advice guys- and all those recommendations are helpful. But about the salt and pepper- what about it is good for digestion? I've never heard that one before
  19. Basically, I'm making this post so that some of you guys with digestion issues that don't seem to be getting cleared up on paleo/fodmaps/leaky gut healing etc. can have another alternative to add to your current regimen. My own journey: I am currently 22 years old. Have always had problems with digestion- even in infancy in the form of colic. I have tested negative for most of the (major) food allergies like dairy, gluten, eggs and peanuts. My diet is impeccable. I exercise. But I still have
  20. Ind1g0

    Makes skin less oily everywhere Hair less oily Inexpensive with insurance Doesn't dry or irritate skin Need to pee and rehydrate constantly Initial episodes of low blood pressure and dizziness as body got used to the drug I had taken bcp for many years until I had to come off of them due to a blood clot. My skin was beautiful on yaz so the dermatologist recommended I try spiro. Started with 25mg/d x 1 mo, then 50, and finally to 100 mg daily. Started seeing a difference at 50
  21. I'll elaborate more on this later, but it is simply a fact of life that not everything that exists can be "proven" to someone by handing them copies of a peer reviewed study that supports what they are saying. As for where the biological plausibility is, its here, on this site. Many of us can tell you what works and what doesn't more than most dermatologists can. That's just a fact. Just like if anyone does a little bit of research, they will learn quite a bit more about how the body functions o
  22. To Michelle Reese: For those who are very sensitive to caffeine and/or have hormonal imbalances or are consuming other products, or participating in lifestyle habits (vigorous exercise) that already raises cortisol levels...I have to disagree and say that coffee can indeed cause an increase in acne. It may not cause acne, but it could contribute. For example, it aggravates my acne without question, and while I don't know the precise science behind it, I myself can vouch for my stated point.
  23. I get itchy cysts within a few hours and recently, with high doses of fructose (which I think may be a major intolerance for me) my tongue feels numb and swollen. Other than that, I have chronic lethargy (which I shouldn't at age 22) and mood issues that seem out of place. Not to mention the digestive problems. These things have all been linked to allergies, but, then again, they've likely been linked to other causes as well.