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  1. No it doesn't look normal. Its a good thing you spot treated because your whole face could look like that. I'd spot treat again with 2.5% and if it causes the same reaction you could very well be allergic
  2. Don't succumb to the pressures of Accutane. Drink green tea or antioxidant tea three times daily, and increase your overall consumption of room temperature water as well (cold water impedes digestion). Have a SMALL amount of berries per day, maybe a handfull of blueberries for a midday snack. They are low glycemic but will give you the natural sugar you need to thrive. You need to drastically increase your vegetable consumption: peppers, green beans, spinach, kale, lettuce. And please, for the l
  3. Again you are writing inappropriate and scathing remarks. Instead of trying to logically refute my points, you resort to insulting in an attempt to discredit me. I hope I'm wrong, but with all the insults thrown at me lately I can't count this out. Well said. But don't forget the hospitals. Oh, and the pharmaceutical ads on tv. For someone who was so concerned about the moderators' feelings being hurt, you don't take into consideration about your opponent's and then add a disparaging comment
  4. It is a lovely "rebirth" you are doing in this thread. A revelation, of some sort. I am in the same boat as you- or heading there, at least. To see your change in perspective about the leaky gut thread was wonderful actually. I sense a strength behind these words and an honesty that paves the way for healing. I honor this step for you. I like that you will no longer be focusing on healing your acne but healing your inner self. Heal your soul, and make sure you respect your body along with it (I'
  5. Michelle- I respectfully say, that I think you've made your point very clear, that your paranoia is rooted in "unethical marketing." I now see that you are posting out of concern for our health, and that is very kind of you. For that reason, I strongly suggest you visit CVS, Walgreens, Stop & Shop, (etc.), and every hospital that you know of. Those mentioned are the most appropriate places to warn our fellow brothers and sisters about unethical marketing!!! The time is running out and the co
  6. There is something called the placebo effect and it definitely applies to acne. Over the years I'd try random "solutions" for a few days and say, "yes, this is really working! Look how much better I look!" but when I would ask someone close to me (my Mom), there was not really a perceived positive change in my skin at all. It was pretty much just my optimistic PERSPECTIVE, that was enabling me to look at my skin in a better light, so to speak. So for you- you might be doing the opposite when
  7. Fructose sensitivity is one option (most fruits, some veggies). Glucose sensitivity is another option (insulin resistance- sweet potatoes would be intolerable at that point). The latter option could be caused by stress and adrenal fatigue.
  8. Thanks for that free book recommendation! I look forward to checking it out soon, looks like a great read
  9. Thanks! I also read recently about "food combining." It seems to have helped me a lot. Basically, the premise is, that it takes a different PH in the stomach to digest proteins vs. carbohydrates, and therefore, they should never be eaten together, because the gastric juices will neutralize eachother and make digestion of the two foods impossible. In addition, fruit should never be eaten with any other food, because it will sit in the stomach and rot, causing lots of gastric discomfort. I have fo
  10. Who is marketing anything? Most of what we talk about here is diet. No one is selling a certain type of diet. Who is marketing Paleo, the meat companies? Haha, yes. The GRASS FED meat companies...aka, the small farmers...from small towns...who bust their butts to earn pennies. Indeeeeed.
  11. Undoubtedly, SOME holistic 'cures' are nonsense. However, it's a real shame that people think this way. I just don't understand why you come on this site specifically to refute integrative medicine. I feel sorry for all the people that rely solely on Western medicine alone, especially for "prevention." The only way I would ever visit a Doctor would be for treatment, never prevention. I hope you all enjoy your wonderfully non healthy food pyramid consuming lots of "healthy" grains and dairy daily
  12. Yes, there are various crippling diseases out there, many of them with no real cure, but what other better evidence-based (meaning not solely based on testimonials) alternative is there? "Leaky gut" is not a medically accepted diagnosis because it hasn't been definitively proven to exist. That phrase has been thrown around on the Internet for a while especially by non-medical laymen who have no clue about the specific mechanisms of how the intestines operate, let alone the diseases. Again, "leak
  13. Mayoclinic sucks...they recommend many things, not unlike many Western med sources, that don't help certain ailments or make them worse. In addition- they deny certain things exist- like leaky gut, for example. Adrenal fatigue makes perfect scientific sense
  14. The things we do for our skin.... If you are worried abot scars and want a bee centered therapy, apply manuka honey gel (get it online) on your face as your moisturizer. Massage your face daily and make sure you're taking a good vitamin complex for skin (e, omega 3, zinc, vit c, etc)
  15. Well- if I were you- I'd ditch all that mainstream supermarket crap (fiber one bars- god knows what's really in them) and increase intake of real and GLUTEN FREE fiber. Man was not created to eat wheat. At all. It's violent to everyone's immune system. I agree with every benefit you said about fiber though. So up your intake of fruits and veggies, gluten free oats if you must, beans if you must, and maybe a psyllium husk drink mix. Good luck!!
  16. Great post- love the perspective and the philosophy- from a fellow esoteric metaphysicist and naturopathic psychologist this really radiates with me. Emotional upset manifests in many symptoms...which can in fact to on to create more symptoms, etc. thanks!
  17. I was JUST gonna post something on this. I've fruitlessly been trying to pinpoint my "allergies" and I've been quite unsuccessful. It seems that "sometimes" things hurt my stomach and break me out and other times I'm fine. I do think this is for many reasons but I've been doing a lot of researching on food combining and it makes a whole lot of sense. Anybody have any more tips or specific info on this? I'm excited to see how it works for me. I've done an experiement on myself few days ago, a
  18. Have you been tested for prediabetes or diabetes? All of those foods trigger a slight insulin response...
  19. I was JUST gonna post something on this. I've fruitlessly been trying to pinpoint my "allergies" and I've been quite unsuccessful. It seems that "sometimes" things hurt my stomach and break me out and other times I'm fine. I do think this is for many reasons but I've been doing a lot of researching on food combining and it makes a whole lot of sense. Anybody have any more tips or specific info on this? I'm excited to see how it works for me.
  20. Eek- yep you shocked your system. Your body likely felt as if it had toxin overload. Think about it- you hadn't fed your body crap like that in so long, that when you basically binged on it your body was like "nooo get this out" and the indatory signal was very increased resulting in the cyst- which is basically the lymph and other systems pushing toxins out. Be well, don't fret, and eat well!!! Get a shot if you must- but otherwise just dose up on natural anti inflammatories and drink water and
  21. This is like reading my thoughts 3 weeks ago. You are so wrong. Why is fat a problem? it adds bile for further hormone production it allows for toxins to enter your system through the intestinal tract membrane it raises insulin resistance when paired with any other sweet food, causing mad blood sugar swings slows down mineral transportation sits in your stomach (exercise was way more difficult) The GI of fruit is almost irrelevant, your blood sugar levels will not spike due to the fiber content.
  22. Diet is indeed the cure for many, and Paleo is indeed the right way to be eating!!! You're doing so much for your body inside and out and it shows. It's so great to see your results...gives me hope. Did you go 100% paleo (NO sugar? NO dairy? NO grains?) this entire month? I have a problem with slipping up and having a little bit of cheese or some dark chocolate chips once in a while- so I justify to myself that it could be why I'm not seeing results like you. I'm actually surprised at how fast y
  23. Probably the same reason that I think is causing my insulin sensitivity: weak liver. We're your parents or grandparents heavy drinkers before they had you? We're you on prescription meds (even antibiotics, or birth control), or are you a long term user of ibuprofen? Did your diet consist of many carbs and lots of sugar as a kid? If yes- your liver could be sluggish or even damaged. It fakes months to years of impeccable diet to fix liver damage because the liver hardly gets a rest: it works hard