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  1. Not true @ Binga...turmeric is super potent when taken daily with meals. It's anti inflammatory to the max
  2. I take a little bit of hemp powder protein every day...organic of course. I put it in my smoothies. Supposedly, its anti-inflammatory and yes, it has quite a bit of nutrients in it. I have not noticed it negatively affecting my acne, so I think it would benefit your overall health to add it in your diet
  3. YES! Bad idea. You have no idea what they are putting on your skin. They tend to be kind of harsh in terms of exfoliating. The one time I got a facial I broke out pretty bad, between all the rough exfoliation and the oils they put on- and unless you're going to a holistic day spa, the products are probably full of chemicals and fragranced. Don't get me wrong, they tend to give people with "normal skin" a healthy glow...but for acne prone skin, gentle and simple is better!! Trust me
  4. Yeah- it's unlikely that becoming vegetarian helped your acne unless you were eating some bad quality meats, or you are sensitive to meats (rarely, people are). Vegetarianism is actually a poor choice for anti-acne...but I have definitely heard it has worked for a quite a few!
  5. Blahhh I know, it sucks. It happened to me too. The worst part is the "being all hopeful" and then getting let down...and also the amount of time it takes for the regimen to start working again (because in my case I stopped bp for a few weeks and had to go through the whole 'purge' phase again). Can I ask what you are doing internally to clear your acne?
  6. People, most people, do have good intentions when they say things to us in terms of advice. They are merely trying to "help" and that's what we must always remember. The thing is, many people are dumb. They just are. They dont usually think before they speak and their intelligence level, especially emotional intelligence, is (often) way off. I know it hurts- I had the same exact proactive comment once. But I realized that the person was trying to give me knowledge to help me feel better- not
  7. Hahaha I should rephrase. I mean that there is no animal that contains fats like avocado or butter...or any plant fat- peanuts for example- that contain lard and such- so it's OPTIMAL (from an evolutionary standpoint) to take animal fat with animal protein like you would when eating a whole food in nature. Our ancestors couldn't really be picky- pulling stuff out of the fridge, mixing and matching random pieces of foods and making a meal. I just wouldn't make an effort to like...pour olive oil o
  8. Any difference with avoiding the cocao though? I half wonder if I'm sensitive to it. I put organic baking cocao and also Mayan nibs in my daily smoothies (no sugar) and I didn't have any idea that cocao itself could contribute to inflammation.
  9. You should try eating a lot more green veggies (green squash, kale, lettuce, sea vegetables) and some fish. I would include eggs--and DEFINITELY STOP eating oatmeal and buckwheat. If you are eating dairy, do not. Eat more fish- tell us how you are doing in two weeks, if it doesn't work- there may be other factors at play other than diet/food intolerance.
  10. Hmmm...can I ask you, why did you start taking the flaxseed oil in the first place? What did you read about it, and how is it supposed to aid in acne treatment?
  11. Hey! Thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds like your acne was a result of bacterial infection, since the antibacterial supplement and the coconut oil worked so quickly. Glad it worked for you.
  12. I don't think you should use benzoyl peroxide and zinc oxide together because it may be very drying. Oh right, I thought that zinc oxide was quite moisturising as it's used for rashes. Might just try the zinc oxide on its own for a bit then and if it doesn't work for me then go back to benzoyl peroxide Or you can apply benzoyl peroxide on the most problematic areas on your face, and use zinc somewhere else (let's say your forehead because for me it doesn't break out as bad as my cheeks). Then
  13. I used the shea for a good 4 weeks to a month. Granted, I was mixing it with a bit of manuka honey and applying it as a moisturizer. I don't think shea should create purging, as it doesn't have the composition to create increased turnover of skin cells. I honestly think you should stick to what you know works (jojoba)- shea can be a little thick, it might be clogging your pores even though its supposedly non comedogenic. Let us know how the next day goes!
  14. Basically- all the foods you listed that you "can't eat" are processed junk...that aren't really foods at all. They do nothing for your body and damage it in the long run. So thank your acne- because if you change your diet you will be very grateful down the road. Secondly, all the foods that you "can" eat are whole foods. They provide nutrients for your body and that is what everyone should be eating to sustain themselves. Except of course, for the TV dinners you listed. Opt for a whole food di
  15. Sorry- I haven't really been following the thread that well- but are you guys having success applying zinc oxide to your face??
  16. Hey- shea butter did not work for my face, it was simply too heavy. It also didn't wreck my face, either. But it was mildly comedogenic. So good luck to you. Did you use the same brand as before? I now use grapeseed oil on my far and I hight recommend it as moisturizer.
  17. Definitely a good point about the fish oil- but please don't overdo it! Especially if you're planning on taking the yucky synthetic/capsule form. That type of vitamin A can be toxic in large doses. Nevertheless I completely agree with what you posted. And just a tip: there are many other sources of Omega 3. SAD diets are just way too high in omega 6 and such to compensate. Eliminate your consumption of vegetable oils (all of them), and up your intake of things like hemp seeds, chia seeds and fla
  18. If anyone decides to invest in Cod Liver Oil- make sure you're going with a reputable brand. The only reputable brand I have found is by Green Pastures. They still ferment Cod Liver Oil the "old fashioned way," which helps it retain all of its vitamin content and preserve it as naturally as possible. The brand I'm talking about isn't even considered a supplement for this reason...its considered a whole food source. And if you take Cod Liver Oil, you should definitely be taking it as a whole food
  19. I have the same exact situation. My skin was clear for a few days before and a few days after my last period but now I'm breaking out like crazy, examining my diet trying to think what I've consumed differently in the past few days- and the truth is: nothing is different. I guess I just have to admit my acne is primarily hormonal because this happens every month and I deal with it by restricting foods in my diet. Nevertheless though, everything is connected and I'm glad I'm eating very healthful
  20. I'd try diet and vitamins before you use the regimen to treat mild acne. Bp is a harsh chemical don't let it fool you into thinking its a walk in the park. But it will definitely clear up most cases of mild acne. Just- ONLY apply bp to breakout prone areas of skin and nowhere else because it causes premature aging and such.
  21. It's not going to kill you- but fat impedes digestion...especially if eaten with protein. Nevertheless it's extremely important to include healthy fats in your diet like the ones you listed. Just- do it in moderation- and I wouldn't think it's necessary to include more than one fat source in the same meal. Think about our ancestors and what they ate. There's no naturally occurring food that contains multiple types of fats.
  22. This is very interesting indeed. What exactly is your diet like? What are your supplements like? What was your digestion like before pregnancy? How was your menstrual cycle before and after pregnancy? These answers will help me help you. I am sorry that you are pained by this and I very much so empathize with you. This site is the best place to come for information!!
  23. A question about time of healing. If I were to use topical linoleic acid to reduce the above discussed possible causes of acne- how long do you all think it would take topically to lessen cell proliferation or at least the hardening of the sebum? I've been using topical grapeseed oil for almost a month now and I have to say: it has been wonderful and certainly does not clog my pores. I just like to intimately understand the body and what I do to it so I'd like to imagine the timeline of what is
  24. In all honesty, I've avoided looking at this thread until now because I thought it was about "motor inhibition." I was like, "I don't have any problem moving around, so I'm not gonna check out the thread." Well, I'm glad I did look at the thread, and excuse me for being an ignoramus, because I think the whole post is great. I've become increasingly more interested in cell proliferation, sebum production and hyperkeritinization- what causes it and how to reduce it. I've been using olive oil a lot