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  1. Thanks for posting. I used to be really into her videos until I realized something was a bit....gimmicky about them. And she recommends in this video, a very low fat, HIGH CARB diet. After studying the Paleo diet, which advocates high fat and extremely low carb- I'm not too sure I'd agree with her there. But anyways- its very useful to have many points of view. So again thanks for posting.
  2. I'd like to know WHY (out of curiosity, scientifically speaking, that caloric restriction improves insulin resistance.
  3. I actually think most are NOT healthy. Many are filled with processed grains, sugars and chemicals. Make your own at home! And opt for a "paleo" recipe. My ex boyfriend makes paleo protein bars at home- chocolate and peanut butter- and they have something like 500 calories a square and a lot of protein.
  4. Some people also may have problems with legumes and things like chickpeas and lentils. Try it out- you'll probably notice if you're sensitive to it pretty soon after. Other than that, hummus is a very healthy treat
  5. Probably the hydrogenated vegetable oils and high glycemic index of potatoes. What you can do as a parent, is make sure potato chips don't come in the house. Hand make some sweet potato homemade chips. And control what goes on the table as best as possible making sure to be healthy and balanced. This will allow for healthy hormonal changes in your child's growing body and thus a "lessened" chance of acne.
  6. A combo of less daily stress, good sleep, light exercise, paleo diet (strict, probably most responsible for clear skin due to no sugar, dairy, or gluten), even when I eat paleo food I eat low glycemic...I am avoiding fructose too (because I personally have a sensitivity but its rare), daily vitex pill to balance hormones, daily "zinc for acne" complex pill, daily gel fish oil, increasing healthy fats in my diet like grass fed butter and coconut oil, a moisturizer (grapeseed oil) with linoleic ac
  7. Baking soda. Makes things rise. I heard if you have gut imbalances (bacteria-wise) it can cause problems
  8. No, too much...especially just to start off. Look into the daily recommended dose as well as the upper limit. These numbers should be available for you anywhere online. Nevertheless, I highly recommend D3
  9. I don't know you in real life, I don't know your values, I don't know you as a person, I don't know your intelligence. So, I'm not judging you. But this post you made was one of the most ignorant I have ever read. Time after time, it has been shown that for MANY (not all) people, certain foods contribute to their acne. Time after time, it has been shown that alcohol damages skin. I'm sorry that being "vegetarian, gluten free, all that 'junk'" didn't work for you, but just to let you know- being
  10. I bought a supplement called "zinc for acne" which pretty much contains all you listed
  11. I am feeling fructose is the last answer for me as well....didn't know it was in some probiotics...
  12. The only time it ever damaged my skin is when I had a cyst, and I taped a cotton ball with undiluted acv to it for about an hour, like an idiot. It caused a big red chemical looking burn. I can even post the picture here at some point when I find it. Yeah the stuff can be helpful but use it wisely otherwise you can screw yourself over. I have a scar now. Barely visible but when I look closely in the mirror I say to myself "what is wrong with you."
  13. I do think there will be a treatment, there already are (spiro, etc). As for the kid thing, don't ever let skin prevent you from experiencing parenthood. Unless you are feeling emotionally unstable, even if you opt not to have biological children you can adopt and save a life!
  14. It could definitely hormonal...or digestive...have you tried the "leaky gut" diet approach? Probiotics, etc? Was he breast fed? I have to say one thing about the ACV, too. Fructose allergy doesn't show up in regular tests. It's found via hydrogen breath test. I was drinking acv every day faithfully and putting honey (full of fructose) on my face and in my smoothies and my face was a mess. Now I have eliminated those things and I am oh so much better! Just trying to lend my tokens, I know each pe