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  1. Hey guys, From a RN who took Accutane 2x and hear of many patient complaints of irreversible drug side effects-quit the B5. I read a few studies about 6 months ago that did show harmful effects. I recently had sinus surgery because the Accutane did dry out my sinuses but not the acne. I can never reverse how dry I am. B5 is a DRUG. It's not worth it. I posted earlier today on ramping up the bp. Try it, you'll be amazed how if you weren't caking it on 2x/day, it won't work.
  2. Hi guys, I was finding myself reading this forum adding other products trying to get 100% clear. Well I've used the Regimen since 4/04 and had great results but like Dan was never 100% clear. I tried adding the SA (which works great at first but then breaks you out) and other scrubs, all just ultimately aggravated my acne. Going back to following the regimen strictly, I realized that I never ramped up the dose because I fight dryness as it is. Well I'm now starting week 3 and boy am I ever cl
  3. I posted last week about started the salisylic .5% pads with the regimen, it worked great for 1 week, them i started breaking out in places I never do; weird bumps that are difficult to deal with, never surface, etc. After thinking about it, i remembered how much alcohol is in those pads, and alcohol makes me break out bad! My husband loves the pads, so i guess everyone's different. So learn from my huge mistake (i've got 5 days to heal from this breakout ) Avoid: any products with alcoho
  4. Hi guys, I'm so glad everyone is discussing SA vs glycolic. I've had acne for 16 years and the bp + eucerin lactic acid + lots of plain neutrogena moisturizer is the only regimen that has worked consistently at all. The problem is that this just isn't enough to clear like all of you guys said, the blackheads, and superficial acne (plus i still get smaller breakouts). So to let everyone know, glycolic acid is terrible! It will get you hooked at first but over time it only drys and irritates, ev
  5. Adjustments at C3 level supposively help acne? Anyone ever try it????????
  6. They say spinal alignments at the C3 level can help??? Anyone ever tried it????
  7. Hi guys, glad to here everyone is doing ok. My acne is clear again, but i had to add 2% salicylic acid to my routine once a day (thanks to Blotcha and others) this has been great for me so far, clearing up that acne i couldn't get rid of just on the regimen. My life is really looking up, we are taking a family vacation this weekend and my husband has really stepped up to the plate in being involved with this family. 15 yr old, you sound good, i hope your life is feeling better, and acne under co
  8. David, Hope you are ok too, read about mine and angie's life and you'll see how important it is to give school all you have before you have a family. How's your acne today? Mine's better, but not clear yet, hang in there, Rachel
  9. Hey girl, Thanks for the kind words. I wouldn't let him come home tonight and i'm really enjoying my time and space, and actually the kids (7 and 2.5) and I had a great evening! Sorry to say but I enjoy him gone and my personal time. He's a great person but extremely selfish and backwards. oh well, I'm not the kind of girl to be taken advantage of for too long. He's kind of pitiful, he came home 2 times trying to get me to let him stay. Funny how all he ever wants is to play golf with the
  10. Hey Nevermind, You're a trip! Well until you try them all you won't know which one best fits you-Betahydroxy acid= Salicylic acid, Polyhydroxys=lactic acid and/or gluconolactone, and alpha hydroxy acid=glycolic acid. With dry skin from bp I would use the lactic acid but you may be able to tolerate the glycolic acid. Start with the lowest percentage if you buy from professional, this stuff works! I like to do an at home peel with 55% lactic acid 1x week from www.makeupartistschoice.com Sali
  11. Hi guys, 15 yo, don't give up on the regimen, I swear it took a good 4 weeks to really feel like I was turning the corner. You sound like you are coping better though, I worry about you. Hi Angie, hope you guys are doing ok. My husband and I had a huge fight last night, he plays golf all the time, comes in half drunk at 8pm when he promised to be home at 7pm so I could work on my homework. Anyways after 9 years of marriage he promises to grow up but that's just what it is, promises. What
  12. Dear Nevermind, The lactic acid causes a chemical breakdown, so your flaky dry skin will be released and what I do is after a hot shower I rub my face dry with my towel and manually rub off the dead skin. Another option is microdermabrasion in a jar, but I don't use it often because i don't want to make my scars worse. AHA have been around forever, hundreds of years ago women have used fruit acids to exfoliate. Call around there to skin stores (especially ones connected with a dermatologis
  13. Hi 15 yo and realangel, you guys are great, i enjoy talking with you both, support is awesome and keeps us all going, hope everyone is doing well, my zits are gone but now I'm left with cleaning up the scars now, oh well, things could be worse! Have a great weekend everyone, Rachel
  14. I agree. I believe vit e to help lock in moisture. Many surgeons recommend it even today and it's one of the hottest ingredients along with vit c in skin care products today. When I was a teen i too had red marks post acne scar. My MD suggested to continue retin a use to help but it only made them work. Once again, i think irritation promotes the scars, try the glyquin, you'll be shocked at this product and realize why it's so expensive and by rx in us only, Rachel
  15. Hi guys, I think glycolic acid products are awesome but clinical specialists are not doing the glycolic peels as much. If you've ever had one, they really cause the skin under your eyes to dry and look old. The last technician I spoke with said the MD's are finding that burning the skin may not be the solution, but gentle exfoliation and home peels are better long term. I used glycolic for years but I hit a plateau which they say is common. I switched to lactic acid which is much milder for