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  1. Hi Mamu, thanks for the note. Today is day 3 for me already... it's a little hard for me to follow the regimen completely coz i've got eczema to battle as well... urgh... it's so darn irritating... i've already got patches of eczema on my face, dry, scaly and itchy.. and the bp is making it worse... Progress: I think i backtracked a little... I couldn't resist picking at one of my zits... it was just waving 'hi' to me with a little head and pus... i rinsed my face with water again after pic
  2. i think u need to either change your moisturizer (to something more emollient) or add another moisturizer to your regimen.. your skin sounds very dehydrated.
  3. i think dettol is a brand actually... it's a disinfectant... using it for face might be a little too extreme.. it's quite strong, and recommended uses are for floors and surfaces... but not human skin..
  4. well, my beautician told me that egg white works for oily skin, while egg yolk is for dry skin types. both help to tighten pores and remove blackheads. i'm not really sure whether it works or not coz i hate the smell of raw eggs... it stinks like hell!!
  5. a little history of me. i'm 20 this yr and started having serious problems with my face when i was 14 or so. seriously, acne has been so bad for me that i sometimes feel inferior or ugly whenever i meet ppl. i've tried so many types of medication and treatments. i went on antibiotics for abt 3 times, went on nimegen for a mth, and even surface laser treatments. nimegen and the laser treatments worked for me, but it also dried out my skin and caused my eczema to flare up. changing an environmen
  6. How long does it take to reach you, after placing your order? Apple cider vinegar? It's for consumption right? So you started drinking it or apply topically?
  7. Any of you getting the BP gel soon? I want to get 1 tube to try, but it wld be quite expensive to get just 1 tube. itsukii, you male or female? cleanser & Bp are the only things you use? 'Coz I like to use scrub and mask too.. wondering if I cld incorporate these into the regimen.
  8. daphn3


    First day of trying out the regimen
  9. Hi all.. I'm new here.. from SG too.. Any successful local cases so far? What did you all use?