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  1. are you trying to be funny here :S? u have like only 1 or 2 tiny pimples ==" leave it alone for 3-4 days and it will dissapear
  2. had one inside my nostril a few years back. i remembering that it hurted so much that i endure the pain and pulled the pimple out.. its quite impossible to do it on the face but i dont know how i did it inside my nostril. though i bleed heaps afterwards
  3. heres mine >< though i think most of it has been posted - when you avoid looking in the mirrors because you dont want to see how horrible you are. - stare at other people's skin and wonder how can someone not have any pimples - buy a new product every week hoping that it will cure acne.
  4. Use products with BHA to make it go away faster or u can try rubbing fresh lemon juice on your face then rinsing it off.
  5. thanks wynne always thought lanolin was bad ><
  6. I thought Lanolin breaks you out? am i wrong? it is known to clog pores and make some people breakout
  7. Change your shampoo is a first. some shampoo contains sodium laureth sulfate. SLS in moisturizer will clog your pores and break you out. so i think that applies for shampoo too. try switching to the neutrogena shampoo range.
  8. I have heaps of those omg ! are you using any moisturizer? because some moisturizer can clog your pores and give you those small bumps. the best thing to do is to use salicylic acid (BHA). ive been using paula's choice 2% BHA for 2 weeks and i can really feel those bumps going away. hope that helped
  9. maybe its a genetic thing or its just a part of puberty at the moment for u.
  10. i use St. Ives blemish fighting Apricot Cleanser too and it works great ! my face has cleared up alot aswell i also noticed there is less oil on my face the one people are using is the "scrub" which could be irrating
  11. hey kobefan my skin is similar to u and i have like 3 cyst on both side of my jaw line. i also use the TTO facial wash by the body shop and thats it. i dont like their toner/moisturizer sinces its not effective. its best if you stop worrying about it. my routine is cleanse face with TTO facial wash morning and night and thats it. if my face gets really oily during the afternoon or after exercising then i simply wash it with water and thats it washing your face 3 times a day will irrate it.
  12. 1. Its only a temporary scar and will probably stay there for about 6 - 12 months depending how fast your skin recovers. To speed things up you can try applying lemon juice to your face to lighten those red marks. and i definitely think you have mild acne. One thing you shouldn't do is use harmful products to wash your face otherwise you might develope moderate acne. Try something more gentle like purpose gentle cleanser or cetaphil
  13. oh heres a picture of my face. zentej90 if you try to worry less about the acne and stop using all those harmful products your face will improve slowly ^^
  14. I have the same condition as you, except i have more of those "red marks". Also theres like a cyst on my jaw line which really hurts. The best thing to do is stop using all those products with harmful chemicals and use cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Also use clean&clear spot treament / neutrogena 8hr spot treatment on imflammed pimples. Leave your skin alone and it will slowly heal on its own. 1. Cleanse with cetaphil day/night 2. Use spot treatment thing / tea tree oil 3. Walk away from