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  1. I think everyone on this thread should stop guess if it will work or not. Lets just wait till there some hardcore facts and pictures instead of getting your hopes up or down.
  2. first off Apligraf isn't the same as Acells wound therapy. BIG DIFFERENCE.
  3. http://www.acell.com/files/Rodman_Renshaw_090209.pdf new update on acell
  4. you guys look at life as all terrible with your scarring. What you need to do is take a break from your problems. You know what i enjoy a lot, during the summer I love taking naps, and lay around the house all day doing nothing. I turn on the tv, maybe put a movie in and just kick back. its simple but it gets the job done.
  5. did you ever have a cortisone shot on the bump? If I was you I would not have it excisioned, there's not alot of skin there and it'll heal badly because of it. Now that being said, I think you could excision the scar and apply ECM to it and hope it regerates new healthy skin tissue.
  6. are these raised scars on your nose? what area around the face?
  7. go to 4:15 and it'll show what dan at acne.org says.In my opinion absolutely no, first they only make generic forms of Accutane now. Your doctor should know this. Another the side effect are very severe, this isn't a medicine that should be lightly prescribed.
  8. i remember a girl that had no ear and had to cover her ear with her hair everyday, then there was this girl at my school that was a burn victim and had to tattoo fake eyebrows on her face, then there was this other girl that had a tube in her throat under her chin. then there was a friend that had dandruff all the time because his scalped flaked a lot because he had Psoriasis. then I went to a public expo and there was two people selling stuff that had red marks on there face and arms, this was
  9. can someone give me a guide to explain to my doctor about the new stem ideas. For what I know is I should tell him about Prp, Ecm, and stem cells (but what kind?) I know a lot about PRP and ECM but stems theres lots of different kinds.
  10. more time between healing seem like the better choice. Don't you agree?
  11. I still think heart transplants are still science fiction. If you can trade hearts with someone anything is possible. Don't lose faith.
  12. are they talking about acne in those pictures, also I tried reading it and it makes no sense since it was translated.