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  1. Okay, so these both seem to be somewhat promising in their results - but I can't find the answer anywhere to my question - once the scar is faded, are the results permanent? I don't want to be stuck applying this twice a day for the rest of my life.
  2. Rachel - did the Skin Success soap help at all with just the recent red marks or with darker/purple/brown marks that are months old as well? Also, I can't find the answer anywhere - if you use a product like Mederma or Glyquin, once the the scar is faded are the results permanent?
  3. I'm not clear - does this just clear up recent red marks from recent acne, or does the vinegar work for dark/purple/brown marks that are much older as well?
  4. I'm curious as to what the popular opinion is to use for on-the-spot needs. I'm scared of BP now because I've read on this site about how it causes red marks for a very long time and even could lead to becoming more permanent...and I'll take a few acne spots over a scar any day. Anyone have any suggestions for me?
  5. I've read some great stuff about Banana Boat Sport sun block so I'm thinking about getting a bottle and trying it out. Anyone have experience with it? It's supposed to be non-oily and non-sweaty, which are both great to hear. Also, I don't know if the Banana Boat stuff is supposed to work as a moisturizer or not, but even if it doesn't it's fragrance free and I'd like to keep on using my cucumber melon Bath and Body Works body lotion. Anyone else use B and B/used it in the past? Good experience
  6. Has anyone tried Mederma and had results? It looks to be the most promising of the four someone suggested above...
  7. Yes...can anyone else comment? I'd REALLY like to get rid of the marks I have on my chest/back...
  8. Yeah but how often do you have to do that to keep your scars looking faded?
  9. I've decided that I can accept the acne and scars on my face since they aren't that bad, but I'm really self conscious about the scars on my chest/back. I have dozens of red/purple/brown, mostly flat marks scattered about and am curious as to whether or not anyone knows of anything non-surgical that will help these fade at all? Also, if anyone else has had this problem and didn't do anything about it, how long will they take to fade naturally? If they even faded 50 percent I'd be happy. Thanks.
  10. Hey all...so I've spent like 4 hours reading forums on this site today, just ran across it for the first time... I'm 17 year old male, just recently within the past month decided I should start taking care of my skin... I've been using Neutrogena Acne-Wash on my face in the shower, then after I shower Nivea Visage Toner followed by Suave Naturals Lotion to moisturize. At night it's been St. Ives Apricot Scrub in the shower on the face and back/torso. Anyone have any experience with these pr