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  1. So I've been taking Yaz for 2 months now, and in this time, I've started hiccuping everyday. Not a lot at once, maybe 1 or 2 hiccups at a time, but I do it quite a bit. Could this be a side effect? I've tried looking for info about this on the site but can't find anything...Thanks!
  2. Normal for the first couple of months. Your body is just getting used to being regulated differently. I was the same for the first month, now I'm in the second month and I haven't had any spotting.
  3. I get bad results whenever I try to squeeze anything out. I'd try a hot compress first.
  4. harper - i know this sounds annoying, but give it some more time. my doctor told me it normally takes 3 months to see results. the first week or so i was on it, i broke out a little more than usual as well. it might be part of the purging process - that might have been under your skin and waiting to come up anyway. don't give up yet!
  5. yeah i just pulled this from one of the pinned threads: "jojoba oil - like emu oil, a non-comedogenic natural moisturiser derived from the liquid wax of the jojoba nut. Contains high amounts of vitamin E, thereby beneficial for skin healing. It may help with healing red marks, but has very little effect on scarring, however."
  6. That's wonderful! Glad to say I'm getting there myself
  7. Yeah that's normal for the first couple of months. If it continues after the 3rd or 4th month, talk to your dr.
  8. I've been on Yaz for a month now. I like it - I don't have any cysts anymore. The acne I do have is manageable by bp. Hope it continues this way
  9. I was put on Yaz...Been on it for about a month. At first, it seemed like I broke out a bit more but I don't have any cysts right now! Now the zits I have can be treated by bp - thank god!
  10. Hi! I've been lurking on these boards for a while and finally decided to post. The 3 huge cystic pimples on my face have finally convinced me to seek out a dermatologist. I know I don't have a lot of zits, but they hurt so bad!!! They're hormonal, and I really can't do anything about that...Also, I am very pale and they stand out pretty obviously - gah! So, my question for you all is what meds are you on? What has worked for you/what hasn't? Are topicals or pills prescribed more? Thanks all!