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  1. CZ32


    Will was that other aussie performed on by dr gooding in melbourne?
  2. Niko did you experience an initial breakout whilst starting SB? Has it also helped with any oiliness? To the others who've had 3 or more treatments, how has it helped with active acne and oiiness?
  3. If Smoothbeam acts like accutane and alters the sebaceous glands, does this mean you will experience the bad breakout too?
  4. CZ32


    Anj77, where abouts are you getting it done?
  5. CZ32


    Hi Magdalen, I'm from Melbourne and I'd like to ask how you found someone who does needling? Did they know of the concept or did u have to explain it to them?
  6. That's bloody expensive Will. Which doctor and where abouts are you getting it done? Have you asked him if smoothbeam or nlite are available in australia? All I have seen advertised are the CO2, v-beam and the erbium.
  7. Some derms will do anything to put people on accutane. Even as stooping so low as to say "I've taken accutane and look at me." I was hell bent on not taking it 5 yrs ago when i saw 3 different specialists. They had the same thing in common, that they'd all taken accutane before. Utter rubbish.
  8. Frank you look really good. Damn pretty boy lol. Congratulations on your fantastic results and when does the third installment of Lord of the Rings come out? LOL Anybody else see the resemblance between Frank and Froddo?
  9. EverythingBUTnothing, where abouts in Australia do you live?
  10. Hey Dan, you say that any moisturizer containing oil is not suitable? However, I bought one of the moisturizers recommended from the regimen called Cetaphil and when I got home and read the ingredients it says it contains Macadamia nut oil. Do you think I should use it or not? I was planning on using it after I shaved.
  11. Oops sorry didn't see that part. Thanks for the info Jenz.
  12. Jenz21, do you use the neosporin in cream or ointment form?
  13. Is this the neosporin cream or ointment?
  14. hey dude, you remind me of myself, i was on minocycline 5 yrs ago...try adding zinc as a supplement. I haven't been on minocycline since, though i do get the occasional pimple, its nothing like it was before. good luck man.