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  1. I guess it differs per person, I stopped using it now...hopefully my skin won't fuck up too badly..
  2. Hi guys, I've been using tretinoin on my face for the past 4 months. I was looking in the mirror today and noticed hair is starting to grow on my forehead itself. Then I googled a bit and found out tretinoin actually causes hair growth? Does anyone have any experience with this? My doctor never told me this could happen and I'd be pretty bummed if I had a beard on my forehead.
  3. aww! thanks so much. lol you're so nice! (: i hope your acne gets better soon. you deserve it!

    1. I guess I'm pretty strong mentally :P though it's hard to keep that up when my acne gets worse but for now I'll be alright :). You look beautiful in your pics btw, if I were you I wouldn't be bothered by acne :D!

      1. Well, I started the regiment anyway, AHA+ in the morning and Retin-A in the evening...if anyone's interested just let me know, I'll have an update in this thread then.
      2. aww, i'm sorry for your loss. it must be really hard to lose both of your parents. you must be a strong person! (: and thanks for the reassurement.

        1. Hey I read your post, I just wanted to say I know how hard it is to lose your parents (I've lost both myself) and to struggle with acne as well as the usual things teenagers go through..just hang in there. I'm sure as hell trying to as well :)

          1. Hey guys, I've been using the dutch version of Retin-A for a bit over 3 weeks now, and I was wondering if it's a good idea to use AHA+ as well? Not at the same time but in the morning, I have the acne.org AHA+ Moisturizer and it cleared me up about a year ago, but lately my acne has been coming back so I went to see a doctor, she prescribed me the Retin-A. If I'm correct Retin-A stimulates the growth of skincells and makes the old ones loosen up. So I figured, if I combine it with AHA+ (in the
          2. I agree with Lemmy..I've had acne for last than 2 years, am kind of recovering from it right now...your story truely inspires me, gives me hope. But in the end, when I go out I forget all about it and get back to reality.
          3. Hoi, ik vroeg me af welke producten van Ecolife je allemaal gebruikt hebt en op wat, en natuurlijk wat voor effect dat had :)?

            Ik heb zelf de nachtcréme en dat 100% gel gebeuren besteld...ik ben benieuwd.. :)

            1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows a GOOD Aloe Vera product I can order somewhere in Europe? (Something like this: http://www.acne.org/fruit-of-the-earth-alo...241/page1.html) Or just a webshop in America (or any other country for that matter) where I can order one and pay with paypal... Thanks guys!
            2. Looks like some good progress compared to the last pics, I'm at about the same stage as you right now as well, but my sleeping habits have been f*cked due to studying for exams and I haven't been eating right, it's not getting worse but it's also not really getting better..
            3. I just hang out with my friends, I'm pretty sure they don't care about it, I once told one of them I hated acne and my friend said "dude, it's not that bad", kinda makes me happy thinking back, as it's a lot better now . Yeah so basically I just go out and have as much fun as I can and don't care about what people think!
            4. This is just me but, if people around you have any decency at all, they won't judge you on having acne. I have some recovering scars/red marks right now, not acne so much, but whenever I see someone with acne that doesn't dare to look at me I always wonder why, because I won't judge anyone based on that (I didn't do it before I ever had acne myself either), but this just might be me like I said.