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  1. would you think its ok to eat sugar and gluten free sweets ? also is eating loadz of raisins like a hole bag a day ok ? because its 69.3g of carbs and 289 kcal per 100 grams and the bag is 375g ? please answear
  2. Is it a good idea eating sardines? are they good for acne or can they cause it ? also is soya milk better for acne than normal milk ?
  3. Actavis Sebomin has anyone used this before on here ?
  4. hey is it doing me any good eating grape fruit ? thanks
  5. has anyone hurd of burgen bread that is high in calcium my dad gave it me without me knowing and im worried in case im going to break out
  6. Right ok iv got to have a chineese take away today as nice as it sound bt can any1 tell me what the best chineese meal there is that is quite healthy and not high in sugar or fat thanks
  7. After steaming your face are you ment to just put cold water onto the face straght after or are you ment to wash your face off with warm water then put cold water on to close the porse thanks
  8. hey can anyone tell me if i can take a zinc tablet with minocycline or will the zinc effect the minocycline ? and has anyone tryed or done it before? thanks