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  1. Spiro could be an excellent option for you. Accutane's potential side effects are greater than Spironolactone's. That being said, Accutane is always an option. The amount of people who have had positive experiences far outweigh those who have had negative ones. I also would recommend avoiding any benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid for the time being. Her acne doesn't seem to respond to that (and that is the case for many of us). Proactive, and other treatment systems using BP as a primary ingr
  2. Smoothbeam treatments are always an option for scarring, but I would try whatever other means first (because of the cost). Hang in there brother
  3. Hello - Did the EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 Very Light Sunscreen end up working well for you? I, like you, have breakouts from ALL sunscreens that I've ever tried. I also have very fair skin and need one when I'm going to be out in the sun for any extended amount of time. Yet, I can't find one that works well for me. Please let me know if the EltaMD worked out. Thank you in advance! I ordered the EltaMD UV Clear as well and it should be here in the next couple of days. Elta does some very
  4. That's why we've said that chronic, intense exercise is not the best. A certain amount of vigorous exercise can have benefits, but not if you're over-working yourself and exceeding your limits. I also wonder if the quality of food you're consuming can cause excessive breakouts if you're exercising more, because you're absorbing more of what you eat. However, if you're eating healthier, what's being absorbed is beneficial. This is a theory; but what was your diet like at this time? Y
  5. So I did not read the whole thread but there has been multiple studies done about the relation between masturbation and certain hormone levels. What is odd is that of the studies that I have looked at, the results have been the exact opposite of what many of you guys experience. #1- Masturbation has been associated with lowered estradiol (especially in women). The debate here would be the role that estradiol has in acne epidemiology. #2- On that same topic, abstinence from masturbation has b
  6. Oddly enough, my acne seems to be at its worst whenever I work out intensely. I used to play college soccer, and when I was being put through the most intense workouts, my skin was at its worst. For most people, it seems as though a light workout is better than a very intense one (though everyone is different). With a heavier workout, human growth hormone levels naturally increase. As we know, HGH is at its highest during puberty, which is also when acne is at its worst (on average). Coinciden
  7. Perhaps it's just me brother but those pictures look extremely blurry when I enlarge them. But in terms of light to severe acne, I would go with moderate. But I think you'll find yourself a lot better off than many of the members on here. Cheers
  8. One thing that is great to do (no matter the individual) is to try out a test spot. I can't tell you how many full blown breakouts I've avoided by just applying the cream/lotion/etc. to just one small part of my face for two consecutive nights. Good luck!! And I'm off at college too, so I can definitely relate to the difficulty associated with changing your diet. Then again, I have a "documented disability" so they try to cater to my needs.
  9. I am a huge advocate of the holistic route. Many acne sufferers don't realize the harm that an unhealthy diet can have on their skin. Acne is individual to the sufferer, and there is no single all-out-cure, but I would recommend taking a glance at your diet and reevaluating it. Perhaps eating a lower GI diet? Exercising more? Cutting back on dairy? Are you insulin sensitive? Is there a specific food you think that breaks you out? Any food allergies? These are all questions that you should pose t
  10. Cameron Sane

    Cleared me up in a few weeks (for me, clear is having 1-4 active pimples- that's about as good as I'll ever get). Can lead to antibiotic resistance This is just a narrow-spectrum derivative of Penicillin. 3 years ago, it would not have worked that well for me. But since being off Accutane, antibiotics seem much more effective (Accutane did not keep me clear). -Before you start downing this pill (or any other), always look up the possible side effects.
  11. I didn't bother reading through the whole thread (I'm just that lazy), but dairy and acne have definitely been linked. Multiple studies have been performed and posted in the MEDLINE Database and I believe even a couple have been posted in the American Journal of Dermatology. Dairy was one of a few different dietary factors that they tested (including IGF-1). The consensus seemed to be that dairy aggravated the acne-causing hormones (androgens), and therefore produced acne. Is it the single, soli
  12. Yeah no problem brother. Thanks for the good luck and I really hope everything turns out well for you as well.
  13. Long story short, I am having my first full-facial Smoothbeam+Vbeam treatment two days from now. Too put it simply, I'm just asking for some prayers (for those of you who believe in God). I am worried sick. I know that these treatments could be the beginning of the end of my emotionally-draining battle with acne, but I also have almost been classically conditioned to believe in the worst outcome when it comes to my skin. So for those of you who read this and happen to remember me in your praye
  14. Well in relevance to the smoking aspect, I am merely speculating. I only recently made what seems to me to be a potential connection between Accutane and tobacco use and the hazard that it creates. I have yet to find another user with the same exact experience as me: Went on Accutane, left with (among other small, temporary symptoms) a consistent redness not associated with post-hyperpigementation (marks left after acne). One year later, the dermatologist told me it would still fade (though the