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  2. Yup, diluting is just "weakening" the solution. Just add water (if you google it, you can probably find exact instructions on how to dilute the peel to a certain percentage). I don't know the exact math of it all, but it's quite easy. The more water you add, the weaker the peel will be, the less water, the stronger the peel. As for the fade cream, I tried 2 different ones, both worked equally well but I only remember the name of one of the brands- Black Opal. I've also been reading reviews
  3. 1. I purchase my TCA peels from either Makeup Artists Choice or www.tcapeel.net. I only used it on my back with very good results so with your face, I'd recommend getting maybe a 12-15% solution but diluting it. Test your skin first before you apply it everywhere. 2. In terms of moisturizing, now I know I used it on my back, but I recommend Neosporing for the first 2 days or so, then something light like Aveeno moisturizer. After the peel, I used a fade cream to further help reduce the br
  4. I used tea tree oil and it did clear my skin up, I only used it on my face, which only had acne, no marks so I can't say for certain that it gets rid of scars. I love tea tree oil, I had moderate acne for years and finally tried this stuff and it works. I also use benzoyl peroxide cream with at least a 10% solution, both work equally well.
  5. How about a glycolic acid peel? How big is the patch of hyperpigmentation? Maybe even a mild TCA peel would help. After the peel I used the fade creams with hydroquinone and that helped even more.
  6. I didn't go from 12.5% straight to 50. I actually went up gradually, I did 12.5 then 18 then 25%. I've been very careful not to burn my back off. I know that usually higher percentages are used for cross but because the back is a larger area to cover I got a good deal on a 1 oz. bottle for the 50% rather than stay with the 25% at the same price and only get a 1/2 oz. So I figured I'd get more out of the 1 oz and obviously diluting it would give me even more. I don't do the peel any more oft
  7. I bought a TCA peel for the hyperpigmentation on my back. I've done TCA peels before and have gradually been upping the percentage. It's been going pretty well so far, it's the discoloration has really faded. I started at 12.5% and I am now at 50%. The problem is that on the test patch I did for the 50 it is too strong. How do I dilute it, do I just add a little water, if so how much?
  8. what kind of bumps did you get? are they whiteheads, black heads, etc.
  9. Does this method work for hyperpigmentation as well? I have a lot of old hyperpigmentation on my back as well as PIH on my chest and I know it will fade over time but if this can help expedite the process, please let me know. Has anyone tried it on hyperpigmentation?
  10. Well I've been using the L'oreal kit for a few months now, twice a week and it actually has evened out my skin tone. I did have moderate acne that pretty much went away when I started using tea tree oil then I started using the microdermabrasion kit and it has helped. It's obviously not as great as a professional kit but I think that it's worth it, it was for me anyway.
  11. I use tea tree oil as a topical. I don't wash with it or anything and I don't dilute. My skin isn't very sensitive so it can take the 100%. I just use my finger to spread the oil all over the areas that have any breakouts.
  12. I have heard that BP isn't the best thing when you have red marks, but I also hear that you should treat the acne before you treat the marks. But if you only have mild/moderate acne you might want to try tea tree oil. You can get it in drug stores and it has cleared me up a lot. I still get the occasional pimple but it's not near as bad as it used to be. My acne was also mild/moderate so you might want to try it. As for the red marks, try the apple cider vinegar method, it actually works, I
  13. I don't know about other people but tea tree oil has actually worked better on my face than bp. It's always different for everyone but for me tea tree oil is like magic.
  14. I am currently using the apple cider vinegar method to get rid of some newer hyperpigmentation on my chest and face and it has helped a lot so far. But i was wondering if anyone knew if apple cider vinegar works on old hyperpigmentation. The old ones have been on my back for a few years now and they lightened up a little after I did two 12.5% TCA peels, but they're still noticeable. Does anyone know if ACV works on old hyperpigmentation? Also since it's the skin on my back and that skin is t