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  1. I'd not only recommend it to you, I'd recommend it to anybody who's in your shoes pal... tips: use a benzoil wash (10% is the best), pat dry your skin and when it's dryed apply VitaK as a mosturizer! try it, it works wonder for me.
  2. you gotta get informized before critisizing! peeeeeaaaaacccccceeee!
  3. Marijuana... is the solution, for many of your problems! and acne is just it, cause it's mostly on your mind the main ill, and in your face it doesn't matter that much, cause like 90% of people has it too. that's normallllllllllllllllllll! <<<<<< HIGHHHH, STONEEEDDD, peaaaaceeeeeee!
  4. who in this forum SMOKE WEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD??????????
  5. the best thing for everything, (the best regimen, the best cure)! peeeaaaaaccccccceeeeee!
  6. ohhhhh, another good news is... I sent an email to the VitaK company, and asked them if there product was comedogenic and this is there response::: All of our products are non-comedogenic. Thank you for your inquiry. Nancy Wellisch Customer Service Woodridge Labs, Inc. > -----Original Message----- > From: Jobson Modesto [sMTP:[email protected]] > Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 3:08 PM > To: [email protected] > Subject: In regard of the VitaK Blotchy skin sol
  7. VitaK, should always be used at last, that's only what I did, you guys should try things other ways around though, since in the first place VitaK not even for pimple it is !!! I use it like as if it is the best mosturizer ever existed, but some people report they use mosturizer mixed with it too... So keep figuring out what's best for you! Maybe you guys find things better trying your own ways, I just garrantee that if you put the enough amout, indeed sometimes can be alot, of VitaK into you
  8. that is the main reason why we have cleared up, because the last step you use is the same I use heheheheh kkkkkk hehehehehe lo0lol0ololololol
  9. no dobt... i read several of your post on the scaring boards! they all sound fasinatings!