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  1. So I'm back, quite some time later! My skin was pretty ok just on Bactrim DS 1/2 tab AM/PM, but the last 6 months it has gone a bit wild. I didn't want to go back on the pill as I've finally got my cycles to a normal 32-35 day cycle (it's taken years), so didn't want to interfere with that (especially bcos of the PCOS)...so my next trial is Spirolactalone. I've been taking it for almost a week now (50mg AM & PM), along with the Bactrim (even though it doesn't seem to be working anymore...min
  2. Hey. Bactrim is the only medication that works (besides Accutane) for me. I have been on it for about 7 or 8 years. Whenever I tried to come off it, my acne returned. So now I just take 1/2 tab morning and night and it keeps me clear. No initial breakouts that I've experienced. Kate )
  3. Timehealsall: I hate to break it to you, but it was insecurity, not vanity, that made me make the Accutane plunge. But thanks for your support (not!)...
  4. Thanks for your log. Please continue to update as I assure you that people are reading! I have PCOS and have dealt with acne for over 10 years now. I am on Bactrim but considering Spiro, was thinking 100mg/day and then cutting down to 50mg/day if it works ok. Then I can come off the Bactrim. I hope you stay clear off the Spiro - keep us updated
  5. Hi Skye I'm in the same boat. Pretty sure acne is not going to be permanently cured by Accutane when PCOS is the underlying issue. See my log if you like? Kate
  6. Well it seems that some people are still reading my log, so I thought I'd update it (I'm really pleased about people reading it BTW!)... So it is coming up to 2 years since I started taking my 6 month course of Accutane. I completed the whole course. However skin tripped out completely after becoming pregnant 3 months after I finished the course (my skin was clear from a few months into taking it until I got pregnant). Even though I miscarried, my skin has never gone back to completely clear (a
  7. Unfortunately miscarried at 9 weeks...skin as terrible as ever. Back to the old Bactrim, but only taking 1/2 tab/day now (before I was taking 1/2 tab in AM and PM). Fingers crossed this will do the job as I don't think my liver can handle much more than that. Man this acne thing has really caused me some problems in my life. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  8. I have recently finished reading "The Glycemic Load Diet" by Rob Thompson (he is a doctor). I truly believe this diet is the key to clear skin. The diet basically means eliminating wheat, rice, potatoes and other high sugar foods such as soda, fruit juice and lollies. Although he talks about how small amounts of these foods is ok occasionally as when eaten in small portions, they will not raise blood glucose levels. The diet is meant to bring us back to a caveman style of eating, which includes
  9. Hi H20, I am really interested in your low GL diet as opposed to low GI, and have a few questions. If your are still visiting acne.org I would love to hear from you. Kate :)

  10. Wow...so ignore that last post because I have just found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant (hence the horrible skin!!!)...so I take that all back. I've whipped myself straight off the Bactrim as it causes birth defects and apparently taking it this early in pregnancy shouldn't cause any problems - phew So never went to my dermo appointment and am pretty ok with having pimples right now if it means I am going to have a healthy baby at the end of it all. I can always go back on the Bactrim once I stop bre
  11. So I went to my GP today after my face absolutely exploded over the weekend (oh have there been tears, let me tell u!), and she checked my LFTs since they have been a bit deranged after taking Tane, and gave me a month's supply of Bactrim until I can see my dermo after xmas/ny. Thank goodness. It's the only thing that works for me without the awful side effects of Tane. So I'm back to square one. On a medication long-term til I apparently "grow out" of this damn thing called acne. No pregnancy f
  12. Boy has my attitude changed since my last post 4 months ago!!! My skin is back to its unpredictable, horrid self...the Accutane has aged me about 5 years & my liver function is really derranged according to my GP. I wish I'd never taken it. I'm off all meds now - Tane, Bactrim & the pill - so my breakoutish skin could be related to either/all of those 3 things...HOWEVER...I went on the stuff to get a cure and I certainly haven't got that! Oh well, otherwise life is good & I guess I j
  13. DAY 161 - Only 3 weeks left of Accutane! Yay yay yay. Had a dermo appt in the week and he was happy with the results. I don't have to see him again unless I have any probs down the track. No new breakouts since the small one on my cheek mentioned above. Haven't taken Bactrim for over a month and took last hormone pill of Dianne last night (whimped out last month but gonna do it this month!!!)...Really stoked with Accutane and so glad I went on it. Wish I'd done it sooner. How's everyone's progr
  14. DAY 138 - Had x1 small breakout on my cheek last week but it was kinda worse because of my picking. I seriously thought I could get something out of it, which I couldn't, so I ended up with a nasty scab which is now a red mark. Grrr...Kate!!! I will never learn. Whether that was related to being off the Bactrim or not, I'm not sure. But otherwise going well. Seriously considering staying off my pill (I am on sugar ones this week, and will be due to take hormone ones again on Sat)...I really want
  15. DAY 125 - Still no breakouts but only second day off the Bactrim - keeping my fingers crossed!!! Bali was AMAZING, still another week of holidays, yay Witch Hazel was terrible in the end, my face became so dry and started peeling How is everyone going?