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  1. hey filipino, I feel you man, you're not alone in the struggle. What's great about this site is there are tons of people that have or still deal with this BS called acne and can help out. Spend some time searching and reading through the threads, you might find out stuff that you didn't know before - I found out tons of stuff i never thought of trying before, and its worth a shot. Remember its not your fault, and nothing you did caused it man, keep your head up bro. and Alex - you'r
  2. what movie, like back to the future? nah its something my prof discussed about i in my earth and space class this semester, its really fascinating if someone can pull it off - just about everyone and everything on the planet would benefit from it somehow.
  3. make cold fusion a reality - its the answer to so many problems in the world. man i'm such a nerd
  4. damn sweetjade, you blow me away with your posts....you know your stuff
  5. blah, you're right i didnt notice that. How can it be 100% if theres tetrasodium EDTA and other crap in there too its probably around 95-98%, though since aloe is listed as the top ingredient, but i totally respect your desire for a real 100% pure one, if you find one i'll have to switch once this stuff is gone~~
  6. thanks, really do think theres an element of luck involved in finding the right regimen for everyone
  7. hey sweetjade, how are pasta and potatoes bad for you? i don't mean french fries or the ravioli in the can, which i know is loaded with additives, but the raw potatoes and pasta you cook at home. Btw, in your opinion, can acne be considered an "allergic" reaction, cuz i've never considered acne to be an allergic symptom for anything.
  8. hehe i knew there were more aloe fans out there, represent! I already ordered stuff off ebay, but if those things don't pan out, the stuff you linked hve awesom ingredients (including aloe ).
  9. My neck was where most of my dryness and irritation happened , and i think its the same for a lot of people even if they don't have sensitive skin. My face ended up getting a bit red too from the BP later on, but not as bad as around my neck. yeah i scrapped The Regimen altogether - not really cuz of the redness and drying (although i think its annoying as hell and unnatural) but cuz of the time it spent to follow it. I mebbe slow, but with the minimum of 15 minutes you're supposed to wa
  10. hey deville, can you describe the smell of the living nature honey gel? i thought about getting it before but read comments about the smell and changed my mind, but hearing your praises too makes me wonder... Could you be more specific on how it smells exactly? Anything you can think of it smells similar to? Is it worse than the "sour, dirty sock" smell of ACV? If its like a bad cologne/perfume i can deal with that, but something along the lines of rotting garbage or horse manure i dunno..
  11. when i was on dan's regimen, my neck didnt start getting red, itchy, and flaking until the third week or so....so like the opposite of where you're at. But maybe over time your neck skin will adjust to it - for me it persisted no matter how much moisturizer i applied (about 2 weeks of that i put up with it and eventually said screw it) My skin isn't so thick, so i think the Regimen's prescription of ramping up the BP dosage might have had something to do with it if you wanna keep giving da
  12. so all i gotta do is move to the rain forest and no mroe acne huh? brilliant
  13. responsibilities = worries = anti-happiness no way we can be truly happy, unless we find a way to be kids again imo. they aren't responsible for crap.
  14. thanks for the replies, went ahead and ordered some of the east cape manuka and emu oils.