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  1. Hello All, I am currently on Spiro - 100mg - 150mg daily and Mircette. Been on both Spiro since January and my skin, which broke out terribly when I went off BC, is finally clear. Frankly, clearer than ever before. My concern is, I am starting to feel very dehydrated on this medication - understandably so considering its function - but I am not willing to give it up. Not having breakouts or clogged pores has stopped me from feeling compelled to pick at my skin, which has changed my life. W
  2. Thank you for the reply. I have to say, I did not have acne before going OFF bc - and did not have cellulite before going ON! what a toss up, huh? i like to hear that the spiro seems to work alone. that is my wish. im just SO scared to go off the bc after last time, you know? btw, are those your eye(s)? how amazing! you were also blessed with lovely eyes. thanks for writing back, S
  3. Hello All, After going off BC, I began to develop mild to moderate acne. It went from a few "clogged pores" to a very serious breakout (with some cysts) in about six months time. I chose to go back on BC and was also given Spiro to supplement this. I am on Yasmin and 100mg of Spiro daily. I have taken this combo for...a bit over a month. My skin has improved SIGNIFICANTLY. In conjunction with Glycolic peels and Ziana/Finacea (although I am using the topicals approx every other day du
  4. Hi! Just wanted to write you back here as well so everyone can read it. The diet I chose is from researching Candida. Do you know much about it? I developed it due to being on WAY too many antibiotics. Possible I was prone to it all along. Many people say it also causes acne! AH HA! Some anti-candida diets are VERY strict. I mean, insane. You basically can only eat some veggies and some meats/fats. I cannot take carbs totally out of my diet because I think that will make me very depres
  5. Good Luck!!!! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  6. I am sorry to hear of your disappoinment and frustration. May I ask where you are located? I am going to see a Dr. in NY in the next few weeks - Dr. Redmond. http://www.hormonehelpny.com/ I will post here with what advice he gives - perhaps I can help you with that information? I do not have facial hair (although I believe I have very thick and wide ranging pubic hair). I am not sure I am suffering truly hormonal acne but because of the location on my face and the time line in which it occ
  7. Thank you for your reply. I will update as soon as I start the Yasmin/Spiro. I am not even POSITIVE this is hormonal (as I do not have other symptoms entirely like hair on the face/body etc) but am going to get bloodwork done tomorrow and also going to a hormonal specialist in a few weeks. I will let you know what advice he gives as it may help you.
  8. So, here is my "plan of action": Diet No Refined Sugar/Low Natural Sugar No Baked Goods (like cookies and cake) Low Gluten/Yeast Low Soy (only unsweetened soy milk) Whole Grains (no white flour) No Fruits (temporary to reduce sugar intake) Lots of Veggies Lean Meat/Fish (no hormones!) Eggs OK No Diary (other than greek yogurt) MAXIMUM of one cup of coffee per day (usually none) DRINK ONLY WATER or Herbal Teas Supplements 2 Capsules Blood Cleanser (Tumeric, etc) 3 Capsules Milk Thistle (one per
  9. Dymphna

    Acne at 28

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Sleep well.
  10. Hello All, I recently developed mild to moderate acne (most whiteheads) after going off BCP. I did not have acne as an adolescent nor previously when going on and off the pill. I was last on YAZ and I swear that pill is poison. I went off it due to a HUGE increase in cellulite. A month off YAZ and I lost ten lbs and my entire thigh and buttock area transformed. Anyhow, as nice as that is, now I have acne. I have read a lot of "miracle" results from those who have taken spiro but I also
  11. Dymphna

    Acne at 28

    Hello All, I know this is long but bear with me... I am here seeking some support and advice - at 28, I suddenly have "acne". I suppose I am in the moderate category - the majority of it being non-inflammatory and on my face (a few areas on upper back as well). I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of information available online and how contradictory it all seems. I am also distraught and depressed by my appearance and the irony of the situation - I am a recovering skin-picker who n