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  1. At this point, probably not. It doesn't have anything to do with your acne per se, but your personality, which may be a result of your acne. Children learn from their parents--they are their first and usually most important mentors. Although this thought may not be palpable to everyone, and certainly one can argue that quality parenting is not common practice, modeling insecurity, low self-worth and a pessimistic outlook when it comes time to body image, may imbue these exact traits that you
  2. That is on your end. If you go to other sites, you will see the same thing. http://botcrawl.com/how-to-remove-text-enhance/
  3. Maybe I am just an idiot (most likely), but how does one log out?
  4. Did you ever find out what song that was? I am genuinely curious as to what it was.

    1. NessaVenasaur


      Yeah, it's called Taking You With Me by Daniel Tashian and Mindy Smith. It's on the Our Idiot Brother soundtrack I think

  5. You were probably just drunk, Candice. That would explain why you would want to go to Scotland in the first place. Everyone knows that you have to feed your alcohol addiction.
  6. I am ecstatic that your previous statment is clearly false. The org would dearly miss you. Yours truly, some guy

  7. yoz, added you and stuff!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. User142279
    3. User142279


      Seems I got your request, lol closer and closer to actually talking eventually

    4. TheAssassin


      You just got it? I sent it a long time ago. I thought that you already accepted it; that would explain why I have not seen you on. I only log in like once or twice a week if I have free time.

  8. How the hell were you in a relationship for a month but you have never kissed a girl? I don't mean to be a dick or anything, but it is definitely a personality thing. You said so yourself. If that does not change, nothing will. Is your friend very social and fun to be around?
  9. Thank you for visiting the greatest profile you will ever encounter.

  10. How does it feel to be famous?

    1. Gutterflower


      This must be how Lady GaGa and that guy with the zombie tattoos feel.

    2. TheAssassin


      I can only dream.

  11. Hello, I see that you have added me as a friend but yet you have said nothing to me. I am completely unaware of who you are, so how do I know that we are compatible? The following is a quick survey to see if we can pursue this friendship. I will need to know your name, age, sex, and whether or not you have a fear of pickles. I am certain that they will be a necessity at some point in our relationship. Thank you for your cooperation

  12. If by working hard you mean begged, then yes you worked hard. I bet you worked just as hard for your 4.0

  13. I had that problem too. It seems to work fine now, so I don't know.
  14. Oh my GOD! The HORROR! I worked hard for my reputation. My tagline is gone, too.

  15. When are they going to give you mod powers?

    1. PaulH85


      Haha I don't know about that! Although, if mods get to wear a cape and their underpants on the outside like Superman, I could go for that. :P

    2. TheAssassin


      I am sure they do.