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  1. what types of vitamin are u cosuming now? mind to share?
  2. jade80, did u apply apple cider vinegar after the C&C BP/SA wash? and leave the ACV for 5 mins then apply Herbal Logix as a moisturiser (day and nite?) please reply. can i get herbal Logix in australia? has anyone try Aloe Vera-Fruit of earth as a moisturiser? cheers
  3. Hi Im in sydney, couldnt find C&C Blackhead Scrub, they only have C&C blackhead cleanser, are they the same?? it's in purple tube. cheers
  4. Hi Maya and OursFan, I understand that most of people here using Dan's regime. I am using Botchla's, using SA+BP. If i wanna apply the ACV, when is the right time? After the wash or before the SA+BP wash? Bcoz botchla's use BP wash that i dont have to leave the BP on. At nite, Can i use the ACV after the wash and leave it till the next morning? In the morning, im thinking to use it. can i use any mouisterise to cover the acv/smell? Im thinking to use Fruit of earth, aloe vera. Is this okay? S
  5. Hi Jade80, thanx. Im currently not using the herbal thingie, coz i havent got it. Im on Botchla's now. Can i apply the ACV after the wash and leave it whole nite (until next morning), and im working everyday, should i keep applying it and go to work? Or after washing, i apply the ACV for 1 hr and rinse it off? cheers
  6. Hi all, how do u use tha Apple Cider Vinegar? did u use it after the BP wash/washing or before the washing? 2 or 3x time a day? cheers
  7. To Sierra....im in sydney too, do you know where i can get those Herbal Logix?? Some questions for you: 1. I am in Sydney, I could only find C&C 5%BP and C&C blackhead clearing cleanser, do u think this is okay? Botchla's regime said must use 10%BP and C&C blackhead clearing "scrub" instead of "cleanser", but i couldnt find the scrub here. 2. This is my first day on Botchla's, do u use the herbal logix after the 2 C&C's wash? how often do u apply herbal logix on ur face? 3.
  8. hey mrc15, can i use the Aloe Vera gel after finished wth Dan's/Botchla's regim each nite and leave it till the next day? cheers
  9. Genie78-> so BP caused more problems rather than healing/prevent acnes? will it caused scarring? But a lot of people never had that complains before? Are you sure? Hmm Guys?? Regards, Arwin
  10. Hi Frances, shopinprivate.com, they only sell "Eucerin Lotion - Intensive Moisturizer With SPF 15 Sunscreen" Aren't we supposed to use the Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion? Or they are the same??
  11. Hello..people in US, Or Uk. Does anyone knows where to get "Eucerin Skin Renewal Day lotion" beside Drugstore.com?? They've run out of stock and need to wait for 2 weeks for next batch to come in. Im in Australia and have to purchase from internet. Do you guys have any source (internet) i can purchase from?? Can i temporarily use Neutrogena Moisture Oil Free Formula, SPF 15 as listed in Dan's regime?? cheers...
  12. thanks guys.. Appreciate it!! For everyone who's in acne problem, let's fight em!! We can do it Be happy and hard time shall pass eventually...
  13. StinkomanK20X6/frances..thanks guys.. i dont have much active acne new, but the redness and some scars are killing me..the redness seems like never heal!! i dunno what to do..but i will start using dan's regime really soon to maintain my current condition. have u guys heard about Smoothbeam/Vbeam treatment or Lyra Laser? will it help to heal scarring?
  14. Everyone out there...could dan's regime works for acne scarring?? i'm going to start his regime really soon. I had a worst scarring around my face, so desperate ..i hope this could heal the scar. Or I MUST consider other treatment such as micro-dermabrasion, laser treatment (so expensive and heals really long). please share your experiences with me.. cheersss..