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  1. I returned my Acnexus and actually did get a refund! Now my daughter is using Aczone. So far, it hasn't done much for her.
  2. I took my daughter to the dermatologist Friday. She gave us 4 samples of the Aczone. Maybe that will be enough to see if it helps her face before we purchase it.
  3. Her face is just so sensitive. It was red and irritated. Tazorac also didn't seem to help her acne either.
  4. I'm sorry to read that, sandrak. I just read something on a new topical treatment called Aczone. Here's the topic: AcZone: A Brand New "Medical Breakthrough"!. Also (though I don't know anything about your daughter's diet) a new omega 3 supplement called Moxxor apparently is superior to every other omega 3 supplement so far. You can read about it here: http://www.naturalnews.com/024629.html. Good luck! I have been reading about Aczone. I think I am going to make my daughter an appt. with he
  5. I'm wondering the same thing too. Also, how gentle is it? Is it more or less irritating than Tazorac? My daughter was on that for awhile and her face was a mess.
  6. Well, my daughter's face is a mess now. The Acnetix is not working at all for her. I use it also, and it does make my face feel smoother. I certaintly won't buy it again though.
  7. My teenage daughter has been on so many different prescriptions over the past 18-24 months trying to find something that actually works to improve her acne and also something that doesn't cause all the severe dryness, peeling, redness, etc... associated with many prescription topicals. I would classify her acne as moderate, but persistant. She has only been on Aczone for a few weeks, but her face is already 100% better WITH NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS! Her skin has never looked so good. For the
  8. My daughter was on Tazorac for a while and her face was never happy. It was always red, flaking and inflamed. Also, when she got in a blacklight her face would glow like a nuclear glow. So, she stopped using it.
  9. How is this on the face as far as being gentle? My 12yr. old daughter was on Tazorac for a while and it made her face very upset and irritated. Is aczone any more gentle?
  10. Acnexus made me break out more. I emailed the company and they gave me an address to send back the product for a refund. I also have Acnetix and so far this is helping me and my daughter some.
  11. Well, I am keepin the Acnetix because it does seem to help. I am sending back the Acnexus though. I emailed them today and they gave me an address to send the product back to. They just said to make sure I send a copy of the receipt or they won't issue a refund. So, that is what I am going to do.
  12. I actually ordered Acnetix and Acnexus. The Acnetix seems to rinse cleaner than the Acnexus. My 12 yr. old daughter and I have been using Acnetix for a few weeks. So far, it hasn't broken me out. I'm not sure it has helped my daughter's acne, but it hasn't hurt it either. I want this to work for her. We have been to the dermatologist and she has tried Retin A and Tazorac. Neither one of those worked. I will give Acnetix a while longer to see if it helps her and then I will post the results. Now