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  1. Yeah I definetely felt this way when seeing my derm. My derm would prescribe me with something, have me comeback after a couple months, and then prescribe me something else. It seemed like she just had a list of products and picked one randomly everytime I went in for an appt. It did not seem personal or thoughtful. I was in and out after five minutes or less. Hopefully I never have to see that woman again unless its non-acne related.
  2. My skin had been clearing up for the past month or so. I thought I was finally going to be able to not worry about my skin. But as of the past week, I have started breaking out again. I now have a huge bump on the side of my nose, another huge bump between my eyes, the remnants of 4 pimples on my right side and 3 active pimples on my left. What the hell? I was starting to feel really good about myself and was overall very happy. It seems like I am back to square one and I am starting to bec
  3. yeah, I have this problem too. Sometimes popping helps the pimple clear faster but sometimes it just makes it redder and stick around longer. It is always really frustrating when I pop something and the next day it is twice as red and inflamed but I can't seem to quit the addiction of popping.
  4. I know I am ugly and it doesn't help that I have acne. All my friends are the hot guys at school and I feel like an outcast or tag-a-long when I'm around them. They get the attention from girls as I stand back and get nothing or only pity. Part of me wants to think that it will be better when my skin clears but the other part of me thinks it will never get better. I am about to turn 17 and have never had a serious relationship or really any relationship at all. I feel like I am missing out
  5. Probably one of the best posts i have ever read. Blunt and says exactly what I want to say but am to puss to say.
  6. Just wondering if I am the only one who gets large whiteheads and pustules in their hair. They usually occur directly above the outer corner of my eyes in my hair but sometimes on the sides of my head. They are usually pretty easy to hide but are annoying as hell, painful, hard to see, manage, and take care of. If any of you have this, what do you do for it? I wash my hair regularly but I don't know exactly how one would apply a topical to this region. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. It started around 5th grade which mean I was around 10-11. I only got small whiteheads and my mom told me to wash my face but I didn't really listen to her. I didn't really pay attention to it until freshman year but I still didn't really care because I thought everyone got acne. It was probably the past summer that I started noticing it more and it started to get worse. I went to the dermatologist but that hasn't helped too much. It really sucks being in high school and noticing how almost
  8. I've definetely felt like missing school but never really have. I am getting more apathetic towards school as of recently and acne doesn't help at all.
  9. Yes, not too long ago actually, but my skin is clearing up and things are seeming better. Acne can really get you down.
  10. I used tazorac 0.1% cream for 3 months and it was awful. I burned my face, made every pimple and red mark ten times as bright and made my face peel like crazy. I did not have a good experience with it but maybe you will since it sound like you are just trying to get rid of oil.
  11. I just started taking ACV a couple days ago, 1 tsp per day as of right now. When should I expect to see the IB and how long should it last? Thanks
  12. Ok, so I have a bottle labeled B-Complex "50" and from what I have read on the forum is that B5/Pantothenic Acid should be taken ina B-Complex. The back label reads: %DV Thiamin 50mg 3333% Riboflavin 50mg 2941% Niacin 50mg 250% B6 50mg 2500% Folic Acid 400mcg 100% B12 50mcg 833% Biotin 50mcg 17% Pantothenic Acid 50mg
  13. Just thought I would update this thread for anyone who cares. I have stopped the tazorac and started using the benzaclin at night and everything is starting to clear. Hopefully it will continue to clear with the benzaclin.
  14. Yeah, I tried differin for 4-5 months and....nothing. My acne didn't get worse or better but just stayed the same. I would layer the stuff on it didn't do much.
  15. I can't take this anymore. I hate waking up only to think more about my acne. I go to school only to wonder what people think about it. Everywhere I look at school I see clear skin. All my friends have clear, flawless skin. They don't need to do anything to control their skin except wash it. They don't need to go see a derm and get a bunch of prescriptions that do nothing but make it worse. I am fed up with looking bad and feeling worse. I am not good looking and acne does not help. I a